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I got an email from Apple that my security questions were changed, which I did not do, so I figured my account has hacked.   I changed my account ID and password, but can't change my security questions, because when you are in manage account the system askes for the questions!  The other on line discussions were not helpful, so does anyone know what to do or whom to contact at Apple?  Thanks!

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    Same thing happend to me last night and I am in the same boat.  I sent an email via express lane support (Itunes, account management) to remedy the issue.  Perhaps Apple did something internally last night that caused this?  It seems odd that somone would hack your account and not change the password and only change the security question.  I'll be following this thread...

  • Archieaa Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same thing happened this morning.  i changed my pw, but there is no feature to "change" security questions - asks me for answers to security questions that i don't remember

  • CSBfromMA Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Add another victim!!!  Same issue here.

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    Same thing happened to me. When I contacted Apple, I was directed to this thread. NOT HELPFUL!

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    Guess what? SAME HERE

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    SAME thing happened today around noon 4/18!!


    I changed my password and got a similar email to confirm that my password changed so I know the other email was legit. I followed the link to change my security questions and in order to reset them the system will email an encrypted email address that I'm not familiar with! What the heck?! I was about call Apple but stumbled upon this forum via google and am shocked to see many others with the same issue.... On the same day.


    I suspect 2 things...


    1) we all got hacke. Or...


    2) something in Apple's security policies have changed and automatically defaulted our security questions and passwords. What's strange though is the email address it has listed is one I'm not familiar with. It says I don't even have a yahoo address. If others are seeing the same email I think we should report this to apple ASAP!!!

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    Same problem for me. Not happy.

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    Ditto!!! Just curious if everyone's questions got changed to the same ones....?  Mine were

    changed to: "What was the first car you owned?" and "what was your favorite car?" (or something similar)

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    Yep, my questions were the same as yours

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    Same happened to me. Mine aren't the same questions though. Mine are Who was your first teacher and Who was your best childhood friend. Nothing else on my account was changed, just the security questions.

  • John Sloan Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I came here for the same thing... only to mention that they were the worst security questions in the history of security questions...

    Security Questions.jpg


    Seriously apple? 4 "favorites" (which I would never be able to give the same answer twice for) and an activity that not everybody participates in?

    OBJECTIVE is the key word here. This is account security, not a Barbara Walters interivew, so no more of this "If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?"

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    Got hacked too yesterday. Add me to the list of frustrated apple security questioners.


    I hope someone has an answer soon.


    I now have "Who was your favorit teacher?" I know that one. The second one, "Who was your least liked teacher?" I don't ever re-call even having to answer that one.


    I also get another one coming up, "Who was your first teacher." I don't recall answering that one either and wouldn't know it anyway.

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    Add another victim here. Received an email saying my security questions were changed. Immediately changed my password but can't seem to change the security questions.


    Help! pls!

  • Laurence619 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yup that's what I get. Can anyone confirm the reset procedure? Like I stated above the only way to reset the security question is to verify with the preformed email address. The problem is I dont recognize the email that is Prefielded. It is a yahoo account and I've never had a yahoo account. I'll restate again, either we all in this post got hacked or apple messed up security.

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