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  • Narr Apple Level 1 Level 1

    AUS8UPF, you should see the three questions at the point of trying to buy something on iTunes itself.


    The page with the questions will present itself, preventing you from going further on the purchase until you give answers.


    What I finally did, and chose:


    1. Made up three completely nonsense, meaningless answers of medium length, and put them in the blanks.

    2. Took a screen shot and saved it so I could refer back if ever asked to answer them. I used Evenote, but you can just use the print screen key to get a screenshot on your clipboard to paste into some document you can save (Windows).

    3. Be sure you have the screen image saved before you actually press Ok for the security answers....

    4. Now you can make your purchase, or retrieve free items.

    5. My choice is not to use iTunes/Apple for music unless it is the only place I can get something. Otherwise, Amazon mp3 or Google Music work just fine, and you can put the mp3's in iTunes directories where it will find them and use all the album information they contain.


    Until Apple understands they worked against security actually, and surely against customers. It will be like a test for them -- if they can get it now, and any managers have the simple personal confidence to change back, from a bad decision.

  • AUS8PSF Level 1 Level 1

    Dear Narr Apple


    I followed you advice and I now have access again to my iTunes account thankyou.


    Thank You.


    BTW I agree with you on point 5 it is just I had some money in my account which I had to use.



  • hedgehog3 Level 1 Level 1

    hate the new security questions, its a major pain since Im so forgetful but I have too much money on the stupid account to walk away from. They should not be able to keep changing contract and prices when I bought those itunes gift cards under completely different conditions. I will never buy an itunes gift card again.

  • Narr Apple Level 1 Level 1

    Glad to hear steps got through your problem -- and certainly understand about account.


    Take care...

  • julikell Level 1 Level 1

    Here's what I just sent to Apple:




    Dear Apple,



    I want a $20 refund of the balance in my iTunes account.



    You have changed the terms of the agreement under which I deposited the $20. As you have breached the contract, I want the $20 in the form of a check mailed to my home address.



    I cannot use the iTunes store anymore due to the non-sensical security questions which you have imposed.



    Again, I want a check for $20 mailed to me immediately.



    Thank you.



  • Soren Pearson Level 2 Level 2



    I would email iTunes Store Support. If they get many emails, they might do something about it.


    if the email doesn't work, use the iTunes Store  express lane.


    The Apple staff don't read these forms.


    Hope this helps.

  • -XO- Level 1 Level 1

    Apple you're turning rotten!!!!!


    Posted previously on my security question issue, it's been weeks and still can't use my main iTunes account.

    I emailed support and after numerous emails still on square one. 


    I was told I would be able to resume purchases as soon as I clear a previous balance on another, I did this. I've been lied to as I still cant access the ac or the store credit. Seems you just wanted your money first huh? If money is so important then I agree with the dude above.....want my credit sent to home address in form of a cheque.


    Got us by the balls & ya keep pulling...we can't purchase in apps owned nor purchase any new media content. 


    Can't wait for the day when there is a true competitor to the iPhone and I will be one of the first to switch. 


    As for the comment- 'can see how a 15 year old  would forget.


    I'm a student studying a degree with a multitude of passwords and security questions to remember, I'm not mentally handicapped nor do I need to go to specsavers. I already have numerous questions to remember ranging from:


    Favourite musical instrument

    Pet name 

    Most memorable place 

    And they go on and on......


    But apples are the worse.,...

    Where my parents first met - ***!? I wasn't even conceived

    Where I had my first kiss - ***?! This ain't the 60's it's not a significant event lol. 

    My first car - *** - i have no car it's a bus?! 

    Favourite teacher?- ***!? They have favourite teachers :0 what are those.


    Questions are not universal, they just make the system more complicated, can't create own question nor reset if forgotten if I know my bank details, my personal information (address/DOB), paid for the other ac which apple know is my second ac why can't I access my account.


    I have just about had enough,,,How would apple like it if I chained myself to one of their precious stores and blocked access to employees? That's what it feels like.... It's like the heart of my device has been ripped out:( . 


    If anyone can help me with the following would appreciate:


    How to verify card details if the card has expired and the system says expire dates can't be in the past upon validation.


    How to reset the security questions if you have forgotten.

  • harmonyfrompa Level 1 Level 1

    Absolutely infuriating. Yeah. . .for my protection. . .sure. If that were the case, the questions would be of my choosing, not ones that also happen to be thinly veiled market research questions.  Way to go Apple- you just lost my trust and you're about to lose my business.

    Not only are you making my life even more stressful, but you're being slimy.  What a great argument for new legislation!  I should be the only one proffiting off of information about me, or at very least no company/corporation can profit from it without my explicit permission. I expect these practices from some companies, but now that Apple's officially a sell-out I'm just plain depressed. *sigh*

  • julikell Level 1 Level 1

    BTW, in case I forget the answers to my questions, here they are: batmobile, Miss Jean Brodie, Bangladesh. (I know I may have spelled the last one wrong, but WTH.)


    Of course, you'd still need my password to get into my account. Proof that the so-called security questions are unnecessary.

  • Frankola Level 1 Level 1

    I doubt they're losing much sleep or money over this.  Most people will just plod through the stupid questions and move on.  If the need ever arises for them to remember the answers, they will wind up in an email cycle with support.  I don't see them changing this policy for a minority of annoyed people.  Done is done.


    Oh, and I'm still getting my music elsewhere.  You can buy many CD's for the same or cheaper these days.

  • mechie01 Level 1 Level 1

    Does anyone know where to go in itunes to do these 3 questions?

  • Soren Pearson Level 2 Level 2

    I believe when you purchase something from the iTunes Store, wether on your Mac, PC or device. For me, when I purchased a TV show, I was presented with answering the 3 questions.


    Hope this helps.

  • pauldy Level 1 Level 1

    So I try to buy an app on the ipad for ***** and giggles and now there is a "Not Now" button ftw.  At least now we can avoid these idiotic questions for the time being.


    <Edited By Host>

  • pauldy Level 1 Level 1

    Well that lasted a few minutes I was installing a few apps I had wanted to install and suddenly i got the prompt again with only the cancel and continue, this is very disheartening.  I absolutly refuse to answerthe questions and I will find other means of getting apps installed if they continue to push this.

  • ErinEqualsPeace Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks to everyone for participating in this discussion.  I was outraged and found this thread when I Googled a way to bypass this stupid "protection." 


    I appreciate the recommendation to e-mail them.  Here is what I wrote:


    Dear Apple,


    I hope you've already gotten a lot of messages from iTunes users who are similarly angry about the new security questions.  The apple message boards certainly indicate a substantial number of dissatisfied customers. 


    I just wanted you to know that I completely agree with them.  I refuse to answer the questions--they are none of your corporate business.  Even if I did comply, why make customers go through the hassle of creating real or fake answers and saving the answers in a place they can access them?  Using iTunes should be fun, but this makes it a chore.


    The fact that you claim it's for my own protection makes me even angrier.  I will choose how I conduct business online and what precautions I take.  This is an invasion of privacy.


    I will be boycotting iTunes until you remedy this issue.

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