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  • Soren Pearson Level 2 Level 2

    I emailed iTunes Support and they said the following:

    Dear Soren,


    Thank you for replying to my email.


    Unfortunately, the security questions cannot be removed or disabled, its to avoid unauthorized purchases on your account and keep your account safe.


    Soren, I can reset the security questions. Apple requires that you provide at least one of the following, for your security:


    - the order number of one of your purchases

    - the last four digits of the credit card used for your iTunes Store account

    - the answer to the following security question(s):


    Thank you for your patience, resolving this issue is important to me. I look forward to your reply. Have a great day!





    iTunes Store Customer Support


    I work Monday to Friday, 12:30 PM-09:30 PM CST

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you.



    I hope this helps.


    <Edited By Host>

  • carboncow Level 1 Level 1

    Actually the real tragedy here is I unsubcribed from ths tread 4 pages ago and I'm still getting every response.

  • motedai Level 1 Level 1

    These questions are absolutely stupid.  Give me questions that have CONCRETE answers!!  Jesus, I don't even remember my teachers from school let alone which was my favorite.  Or, at the very least, allow us to edit the questions to something of our choice with answers.  Come on, at least give us that option.  Until then, I refuse to answer these ridiculous questions that are meaningless to me...and I would never remember the answers.  Lots of places are now letting you actually edit the questions to something meaningful to you that YOU will always remember, not this silly junk.

  • Bcchappy Level 1 Level 1

    I can't even download sings or apps now thanks to these questions what do i do to get them to not show up

  • Bcchappy Level 1 Level 1

    Honestly I'm thinking about getting a droid, u get free apps and none of this stuff ever happens, much better company, this is my last iPhone.

  • Dave The Wave 0 Level 1 Level 1

    I love this level of security.  Every time I spend $ at iTunes you have to have a password.  No hacking my credit card dollars.


    The security questions are not supposed to make sense - the more obscure they are and the more obscure your answers, the harder it is to hack.


    For instance, "What was your first concert?" is not intended to be answered with the actual event, but rather with a code word you write down.  You could answer "87yttL" and it would be acceptable.   This is a strong level of security.


    What is your Mother's Maiden Name is a weak question, one that can be looked up on the internet or known by a naughty teen child.  Not the kind of question I want guarding my money.


    Yes, you have to store the questions and answers somewhere.  If you want to break the system, send them to yourself in an email with the Subject "My iTunes Security Questions and Answers" and make it your Wallpaper.


    The reason for the second email is that Apple needs a way to contact you if a password reset is needed and sending it to the email address of the device you have just stolen on the subway in New York seems too easy for the criminal mind.


    I like the security layer.  It's professional and safe.

  • dadabase Level 1 Level 1

    I am over fifty, never driven a car and I don't have an answer for one of these questions ... so I am locked out ... i am a paid subscriber to the dev sections, who has been an apple user, developer and tech support for more than 25 years ... googles upcoming glasses and other apps are atracting me to android (as are the new adobe apps) this sort of thing really incentivises me to make the switch

  • carboncow Level 1 Level 1

    hahahahahahahaha! Got for it'll have a blast.

  • ricfromtucson Level 1 Level 1

    The truely sad part in that response is that Apple wants you to send personal infomation via email, which is generally not encrypted and could be read by any number of admins or hackers along the path from your ISPs mail server to Apple's mail server (ever view message headers on an email to see how many places it was stored and forwarded??)


    Even if I buy the argument (and I don't) that "Dave the Wave 0" posted  (pick random answers - the answers shouldn't make sense in the context of the question because that's really secure), that still leaves the problem of how to remember the answers and keep them associated in your brain with the question.  That's difficult for me, although others may not have that problem,  On a computer, it would be trivial to store this in Password Gorilla or any number of other password management tools for lookup/copy/paste.  On an iPod touch, just dealing with my (admittedly long) passphrase is tedious enough.  I haven't really explored the option of running iTunes on a computer, and making all my purchases via that mechanism (if that's possible).  I've treated my (recent hand me down) iPod as a wifi appliance.  It's never been connected to anything except a charger.


    It amazes me that banks (who have a lot more to lose) have devised security systems with pictures, questions you select that you know AND CAN REMEMBER the answer too (not maiden names, thank you).... where as Apple, a "leading technology company", comes up with this bit of crippleware, and wants you to send personal information over an unencrypted link.


    The really bad part in my mind is that Apple didn't post anything on about new iTunes security procedures.  Strange extra challenges are usually a hint that the site taking your information is *NOT* the one you think it is.  Asking for personal info by email is even more suspicious.


    I think this is more hassle than it's worth for me to protect a $15 iTunes card balance.  Obviously, those who put their credit card in Apple's hands have more to lose...  However, it appears were stuck with this, so how we deal with it individually is just that: an individual choice.  I doubt further discussion will lead to a different solution, so if you find the new procedure too annoying/frustrating/... then I suspect the only options are to find a work around (password storage on a computer, for example) or take your business elsewhere.

  • jsmit86 Level 1 Level 1

    I got an email saying that my security questions had changed. I was not able to answer them, but was able to change my password using the email link.


    I called support, and they were able to reset the questions. I was then able to answer them and save the answers.

    They mentioned that you could create your own question, but I did not actually see that option.


    Bottom line, you can call support the re-set these if needed. You will be asked to verify your info.

  • sallcorn Level 1 Level 1



    I've got to add my voice to the many people complaining here, this is done for the right reasons I'm sure, but done in a totally ridiculous way - as others have said, are the people who came up with this scheme 12 years old or something ?


    Sort it out apple, please , please , PLEASE !!!


    My particular sore point is the questions like  "what is your favorite car ?"


    Erm, right now ? Aston martin V8

    ... 5 minutes pass...

    Oh, now it's the new BMW 1 series.




    These stupid stupid stupid stupid STUPID questions have cause me (like many others) not to make purchases they would otherwise have made. APPLE THIS IS COSTING YOU COLD HARD CASH!

    (surely even the bean counters will listen to money being lost?)


    Grrrrr !


    (ok, rant over !)

  • brandontc87cloud Level 1 Level 1

    my question wont even proccess.  ***

  • Trusk1 Level 1 Level 1

    My questions won't process either.  Rebooting, signing out & back in again  ... nothing seems to work.  Very disheartening.  I don't care about the questions ... I just want to purchase my apps & carry on. 

    If there was a way to work around the iPad & answer these questions within my iTunes account on my comuter, I'd be happy to do that.  I just want this issue to be resloved. 

  • cbass14 Level 1 Level 1

    This comment is strictly for the folks at apple.  This will not help anyone get pass the security questions but I need to vent so hopefully this gets changed.  No argument with the security questions-don't like them but understand the need for them.  The questions are AWFUL!!!!!!!!  I would expect them from a third rate company-not you.  Either improve the pre-selected questions or allow us to decide the questions.  I will continue not using itunes until something is done.  Btw I have thoroughly enjoyed some of your responses.  Try not to swear but def continue going on rants!!! 

  • Dale19 Level 1 Level 1

    Called support and they want to charge me $$ to reset my security questions.  They actually want me to pay them for the priveledge of buying something from them.  I hate apple now.

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