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I have an iTouch 4gen updated to iOS 5.1 and a new PC with itunes 10.6.1. I can drag music to my itouch, no problem. But apps won't move -- I get a red circle/bar icon and a number in a red circle. What's up?

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    Go to your device settings from within iTunes and navigate to the Apps tab. This is where you can drag/drop apps.


    More about app transfer here:



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    Already tried that. All my apps appear on the left, but grayed out. Also can't move anything on the right on my itouch screen.

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    Is the computer authorized for the iTunes accounts that purchased the apps?

    Do you have Restrictions set that prohibit installing apps? (Settings>General>Restrictions)

    Did you do the update on another computer?

    You said you have a new computer. If you never synced to that computer before you have to do the following since an iPod can only sync to one computer:

    - Transfer iTunes purchases by:

    iTunes Store: Transferring purchases from your iOS device or iPod to a computer

    - For other music you need a third-party program like one of those discussed here:

    Copy music

    - Connect the iPod to the computer and make a backup by right clicking on the iPod under Devices in iTunes and select Back Up.

    - Restore the iPod from that backup

    Note that the backup that iTunes makes does not include media like app and music.

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    The computer is authorized (2 of 5). If my itouch is connected via WiFi there's no problem downloading my previous purchases via Apps Store. On my computer there's no problem downloading my previous purchases to my computer. I can drag music and podcasts from my computer Library to my itouch. But I cannot move apps from my computer to my itouch. Another thing I noticed -- when I sync, the sync says it's starting, but once it hits "waiting..." it stops. I've backed up, I've restored, the apps on my itouch are checked in the sync Apps screen. But all of my sync screens are greyed out and I can't do anything there.

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    What  my other question:

    Did you do the update on another computer?

    You said you have a new computer. Did you update on another computer ? Did you sync with another computer?

    Yu can only sync with one iTunes library. Another computer is another library.  However, yu can manage music and video on multiple computer/librairies/

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    I did the updates on my new computer. How can I create/move my library to my new computer so I can sync here?

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    - You can move items from the iPod to a compuetr using the instructions in my first reply.

    - You can backup up the library from a computer by the following and then restore to the other computer.

    iTunes: Back up your iTunes library by copying to an external hard drive

    - You still have to go through the backup and restope like I said in my first reply.

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    I've already backed up and restored. Twice. All of my music, apps, etc. are in my itunes 'purchased' library. At this point, I don't care if everything is deleted from my iTouch. But I still can't access anything in the sync screens. I know they're "talking" to each other, as changes I make to my itouch do show up in the PC sync screen, just grayed out.