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When I use the Spin behavior and select Y axis, continuous rate the objects spins but as it rotates half of it dissapears and looks like it goes into the background. The image it is over is sent all the way to the back.  All I want it to do is spin and to see the whole image rotating on the Y axis. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    Does anybody have any type of solution? I noticed when I click and drag the blue dot on the 3D object and make it bigger, it doesn't  disappear. I don't think that function is actually scaling the image any larger, I think it is bringing it closer to the camera. When I do it all the alignment is thrown off and it isn't the fix I am look for.


    I still can't rotate the object on the y axis without half of it rotating through the background (so it appears).


    I could really use any suggestions or links. Thanks a lot, I appreciate the help!

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    if it disappears they must be 3D layers. two things you can do.


    move your background layer back in z space to move it away from you.


    Or move your foreground layer forwards. The blue dot you clicked on, is actually a blue arrow, but because its point straight at you it looks like a dot. It is not scaling your object it is bringing it nearer to you. (No Dougal they're not small they're just far away!).


    you could do that ot you could move the background back. Or set your background to 2D ( you can do this by putting the object into its own layer and setting that to 2D.



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    There's also the often overlooked Behind blend mode.  This will cuase your BG layer to render behind other layers no matter where your layer is in depth or layer order.

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    oh thats what that does! neat.



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    Thanks for all the help guys. I am not the most skilled in this program I'm mostly learning on a fly for an internship I'm doing. Thanks again!

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    Glad to help.  We've all been there, and it will get easier as you go!