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I would like to listen songs forum iTunes on my iPad. I enabled home sharing both on my computer and the iPad (settings). I can use remote. But i can not choose à different library in my IPod app. I am uiting an iPad 2 with iOS 5. With à nee iPad i can see the iTunes library. Wat could be the problem.

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    Open iTunes on your pc.Connect ipad. click on device icon cursor at left to expand the content folder and select music to see whats on your pad.  Now click the ipad icon again so that the summary page displays.  navigate using the menu at the top of this page to the Music Tab. Select sync Music.

    Select - Selected Albums and playlists.  Tick the music you want to sync, then click sync button in bottom corner of screen.

    On your iPads Hmepage locate and select the music App.  Select a song and then tap the play button.




    Select your manual and when it displays, move your finger around at the top of the screen-a bar will appear with an option to download to iBooks, tap it so your manual is permanently on your device.

    If you need further help in tailoring your sync experience then see here



    Gives a detailed look at how to tailor your music syncing experience.


    Also you can dowload to your music App library direct by purchasing music on iTunes - purchased music is automatically added to your library. When finished open Music App, select your song and hit play.


    The same is true for Movies, but use the Video App.  Books, Tones, Podcasts, etc, just see the manual for details.

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    This is not what i am looking for. I want to play my iTunes library on my iPad using homesharing. I activated this in the iPod settings, But the library won't show up in The music app on my iPad 2, it does work if i Try this with an iPad 3.

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    Sorry, bit confused.  Are you saying that your music library will not sync with your iPad2?

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    Not the original poster ... but I believe Pear01 is trying to stream music from an itunes library on his computer to his iPad, via Home Sharing, as per the following document:


    Understanding Home Sharing

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    But i can not view the iTunes library on my iPad 2 (i got it working on the iPad 3).

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    Is your iPad2 running under the same Apple Account as your iPad3?  See Apple ipad2 manual\Music\Home Sharing for details.


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    It is working how. In die not work when i tried with to devices.

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    It worked, but after a while it didn't. It could not find the library in Remote, and i could not choose a library in the iPod app. When i reset everything it works again for a while, but it does not work fluently. And the network connection isn't down when it stops working. So that should not be the problem. What could be the problem?

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    Possibly interference.  CAn you describe your current set up and where your devices are located in relation to each other.  Also when you go into Settings wifi - how many networks are showing up in the list - sometimes adjacent networks can cause problems.  You may need to change your wireless channel on your router.  Let me know, then we can work through the possibles one by one - or it may turn out to be a combination of tings.

    Can you confirm that your iPad3 is still stable all the time?

    Regards, Ct

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    It worked for i while, so it should be possible.


    I have tried different channels, but thad does not work.


    i have already restarted everything. I can add a itunes library in Remote, but then it can not find it (so it pops up in itunes, and fill in the Remote code and it say's conected). But it just does not work.


    The frustrating part is that i had it working for a while and did not change enything after that. But the connection just does not start up anymore.

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    Realy can't get this: Just changed the password in my router and set it back to the origanal settings and it works. But i am afraid it will not last long. What could be the problem (will it work better if i purchase an Apple router??)

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    No, realy can not get it working


    i changed the password permanently, it kept working. But only the PC and iPad where on the network. As soon as i added the other laptops, tablets, phones. it stop working after restarting the muzic app. Realy frustrating.

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    How many devices are authorised under home sharing? Starting with your pad and pc, add one device, authorise it for home sharing in itunes and check for stability.  If you get a device that breaks the chain, disconnect it and try another device. remember to authorise each device and observe the network limit of 5 devices for home sharing.