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Tonight I plan on buying an iPad 2.  I have the original and it's just getting too slow.  I have been backing up to iCloud for awhile so would like to try restoring the iPad 2 I purchase straight from iCloud.  Can't wait to try it.


Now my question is, what happens if I then plug this iPad 2 into iTunes after fully restoring.  This is assuming I haven't plugged into iTunes at all before the full iCloud restore?  Will iTunes ask me to set it up all over again since it's a new device (to iTunes at least)?


Reason I'm asking is I go away for work every 6 to 8 weeks.  I usually download a bunch of shows that I watch to it because I can't bring my DVR with me and then watch them in the hotel room or on the plane.  How I do this is to download the shows and then copy them to VLC through iTunes.


There is my dilemma.  If I can't plug into iTunes and copy those shows to VLC, then there really isn't a way.  Using iTunes to copy to VLC is the only way I know to copy shows to your iPad WITHOUT jailbreaking.


Thanks all...