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Tonight I plan on buying an iPad 2.  I have the original and it's just getting too slow.  I have been backing up to iCloud for awhile so would like to try restoring the iPad 2 I purchase straight from iCloud.  Can't wait to try it.


Now my question is, what happens if I then plug this iPad 2 into iTunes after fully restoring.  This is assuming I haven't plugged into iTunes at all before the full iCloud restore?  Will iTunes ask me to set it up all over again since it's a new device (to iTunes at least)?


Reason I'm asking is I go away for work every 6 to 8 weeks.  I usually download a bunch of shows that I watch to it because I can't bring my DVR with me and then watch them in the hotel room or on the plane.  How I do this is to download the shows and then copy them to VLC through iTunes.


There is my dilemma.  If I can't plug into iTunes and copy those shows to VLC, then there really isn't a way.  Using iTunes to copy to VLC is the only way I know to copy shows to your iPad WITHOUT jailbreaking.


Thanks all...

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    You can only sync with one library. In your case you synced with iCloud.  When you connect the iPod to your computer you can export photos tot he comnputer and manually manage music and videos

    Using iPhone, iPad, or iPod with multiple computers

    To use the FileSharing that is used vor VLC, you ned to sync which you can't do.


    The above is based on my expereince with my iPhone.  I restord my new phone for my iPod touch backup and now can't sync with my computer.


    What you can do is backup your iPad 1 to your computer and then restore iPad 2 from that backup on the computer.

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    Well, I had a feeling that's exactly what somebody would say.  Which like I've said before, I really wish they'd open up the filesystem so that I could just plug in and copy the videos myself.  But I see why they don't want to, opens them up to many more problems with people screwing things up.


    I guess I'll do what you said, I'll back up to my mbp and then restore the new one from that.  Almost like I'm going back to 2007. 


    Thanks a lot for the help.  You confirmed my suspicions.