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说要重新安装,说是与现在的mac os x版本不适应???怎么回事?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Sorry for the rough translation from Google.   If you are asking if you can reinstall 10.6.8, you need either the 10.6 installer that came with the machine, or a newer retail installer if it exists.   10.6.3 is the last retail release for 10.6. All Macs that shipped new after March 15, 2010 must use the 10.6 installer that shipped with them to install 10.6.   If you are missing it, call Applecare:(86) 4006-272273 in China or (886) 0800-095-988 in Taiwan. Backup your data first, and make sure you have any original software installers, as you may have to erase it, to get all applications to work.


    从谷歌的粗糙翻译很抱歉。如果你问,如果你可以重新安装10.6.8,你需要10.6安装了与机器,或一个新的零售安装程序,如果它存在。10.6.3是在去年的10.6 零售版本。所有的出货后,2010年3月15日,新的Mac电脑必须使用与他们运到安装10.610.6安装。如果缺少它,调用的AppleCare:(86)4006- 2722在中国的73或(886)台湾0800-095-988。先备份您的数据,并确保您有任何原有的软件安装,你可能不得不将它抹去,让所有的应用程序工作。

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    If your question is how to install Facetime for Mac OS X 10.6, you need a minimum of 10.6.4.   For the entire Facetime requirements, read this article.




    如果您的问题是如何安装的Mac OS X10.6的Facetime,你需要一个最低10.6.4。对于整个的Facetime要求,读这篇文章。