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MBP late 2009, Mac OS X Snow Leopard,  5.0.3


In the past, I was able to connect to:

- Facebook chat

- MSN through Psi

- Google chat


Now all of a sudden, only the Google account works.


Paswords, ports, usernames ... are all ok. Amongst the suggested solutions, I flushed and changed DNS to without luck, reset video ram, cleared caches, reinstalled Microsoft Messenger, disabled the firewall, used another ISP & router, etc. Note that using Adium or Microsoft Messenger does not help either. It is therefore, in my view, a general problem with messaging services (except Google) in OS X.


I found many similar cases on internet, some of which automatically disappeared after a while. I've had this in the past too, but it's suspicious that two such services are broken now (they are not on a windows computer). I found no solution yet after hours of Googling.


Any idea? If I need to find errors for troubleshootig, please instruct the steps, as I use a Mac out of illiteracy.


Thanks !

Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Problem solved 5 minutes after posting. I noticed UDP ports were blocked, even with the firewall off. I had already quit Peer Gardian, but then I thought again: maybe it shuts down ports and doesn't open them. So I deleted PG from the start up list, et voila!

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    Glad to hear you have a solution.


    9:29 PM      Thursday; April 19, 2012

    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"


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