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So I logged into iTunes with the same account I've always used, and I plugged my iPod up and selected, "Transfer Purchases from The SuperComputer." (The SuperComputer is what I named my iPod.) This transfered all my apps, music, and TV show episodes just fine, once I authorizied it. No problems there.

But when I go to hit the "Sync" button in iTunes for my iPod, it warns me that all my data will be replaced with what's on this new computer. That's fine, because all my apps and everything have been transferred, so as far as the actual content of the iPod, it would be unchanged. But what I don't want to lose is my in-app data, like  my highscores on Doodle Jump and Temple Run for example. If I go ahead with the sync, will I lose this information?

If not, then that's great, and all my problems are solved. =)

If so, my question is: How do I avoid losing all that in-app data? I've got 204 apps, and I've spend countless hours playing many games, I'd hate to lose all that. =/