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Hi All


not sure how to start this, I have got multiple calendars showing on my devices iphone, ipad and imac


how do i get rid of them so i only have the one showing on each device


I have 10 calendars one for each event that i do like work calendar rest days etc and it seems that for some unknown reason they have multiplied per device so that makes 30 then when i add icloud it takes it to 60 which as you can imagine takes up a lot of space has anyone any idea how to sync them so they are all talking together and i end up with 10 the same on each device


thanks in advance



  • Julian Wright Level 7 (34,860 points)

    Are you still syncing calendars via iTunes as well as iCloud? If so, that will cause duplicate calendars to appear.


    Turn off calendar syncing in iTunes.

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    I am not syncing via iTunes only via iCloud

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    if i change my apple id will i still be able to link to icloud with the new id therefore deleting the old account and hopefully all the calendars


    but why is this happening


    if i put something into calendar from iphone, ipad or imac it seems to add a calendar for each device


    eg if i put something on calendar from ipad it shows on ipad and then another line on imac and iphone therefore ending up with 3 lines for one entry any ideas how to stop this which may help sorting the other problem as well