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I just put in my request to unlock my iPhone 4 from AT&T.

My contract has expired, and my old phone number is no longer active as of about 2 weeks ago, I also no longer live in the US (I've already travelled abroad), but they said that it would have no problem to unlock my iPhone as it's all done via iTunes.


I still have my old AT&T Sim card, but the number is not activate and like I said I'm in another country.



I have heard for the unlock process to be completed you need an activate sim card installed in the phone. Does it matter what carrier's sim I use (can I use a local one?) or does it absolutely have to be an AT&T sim?


I'm in Dubai now and have an active prepaid du sim card (they said it can easily be cut to micro-sim).


Contacing AT&T from here is a nightmare (the "international" number they gave me won't dial out and the website won't let me access my old account info since it's closed now and thus can't access their web chat either).

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    To complete the unlock you should use a sim other than the original carrier.

    Have a look at this article:


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    Hey ...did you get the unlock code? I am in Abu Dhabi and trying to reach their customer support .. Can you please let me know how to contact them .. I am in similar position as you .. Have att sim which is now not active .. ETF paid and att account is closed.

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    From another poster in the Communities: 




    •     Phone must be off contract or you must be in the military traveling abroad.     

    •     Account must be in good standing for the last 30 days.     

    •     You must have valid email or phone number where you can be reached when the unlock is completed by Apple.  


    How it works:      


    1.     Call AT&T at 1-800-331-0500 and go through the prompts to get to a customer service agent     

    2.     Have your IMEI # ready along with your active email address and current phone number     

    3.     If your phone qualifies then AT&T will submit a request to Apple to authorize the unlock on your phone. (AT&T will tell you right then on the phone if it can be done )     

    4.     Make sure you get your case number in the event something doesn't go through so you can get support from AT&T.     

    5.     Once you recieve the email from Apple, open iTunes and transfer purchases, backup your phone and then perform a restore.     

    6.     Once this process is complete your phone should now be unlocked to use other carriers.


    It will be up to you to find a way to call a US 800 number from outside the country; do a web search and you should find suggestions.



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    I got my phone unlocked without issue.


    My sister lives in New York, I had her call AT&T, gave her my account number and all the information she needed about the phone (IMEI, date of purchase, where it was purchased etc). They only needed the IMEI and account number, that's how I got in touch with them.


    After 3 days I received an email from AT&T saying I was in good standing, my account was fully paid off and they sent my unlock instructions.


    There isn't a code, if AT&T assess that you are eligible for the unlock, then they unlock it for you via iTunes. You have to plug your phone in with an active sim then restore it (make sure you've back it up first). After the restore you should get a message saying it's unlocked.


    I actually used my old AT&T sim, but they said any active sim card will work, regardless of carrier. I guess my old one was still active, but now it's unlocked and I'm using it with other carriers, I can't believe I missed it so much. I have gone through two Android phones (HTC and Samsung) since I moved out of the states and both died within a months time.


    Bytheway, none of AT&T's "international" numbers work. The best way to contact them is have someone you know in the US do it for you, takes 10-15 mins tops on the phone and they'll give you a case number.

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    you can actually call at&t toll free number using skype.

    I just called them yesterday using skype and I'm now waiting for unlocking instructions/confirmation via email. they said they'll get back to me by May 3.

    BTW I'm in the Philippines.

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    so dude can u help me to unlock my i phone i have unlock i phone with at&t and m in india no account and no sim

    afterlife can u help me  on this i will give my IMEI number to u and like u ur sister can help me

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    buddy if u have at&t account dan u can help me

    i have at&t locked i phone nd m frm india no sim card no account

    hopin for favorable reply


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    Just Call 800 331 0500 from skype or gmail phone .. Give themm your old At&T no. or account number .. They will setup a case id for you .. You should get an email confirming the unlock in 15 days .. I got my confirmation in 3 days !!! .. After that all you need to do is connect to itunes and restore your phone ...

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    You don't need SIM nor do you need active at&t account .. All you need to establish that at some point of time this phone was locked with at&t .. For that you need to give the at&t number ..Even if you are not the original owner of the phone and even if you have bought it second hand, as long as the phone was locked by at&t and the original owner has either completed the contract or paid early termination fee, you should be eligible for the unlock

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    hi can you help me please to unlock my phone cause I live in Egypt and I can't do this from here even when I called them


    I have the recite of purchasing but the friend who get it for me i can't contact him anymore :-( So, I'm really in a big trouble


    They told me in phone that anyone of ATT customer can help


    If you can help me it would be aappreciated

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    No, we can't help you, as you've been told several times now.

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    but when i  restoring which sim card do i use at&t or tmobile?

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    If received notification from the carrier the iPhone was sold as carrier locked with that the unlock process is ready, you don't need to restore the iPhone with iTunes.



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    I had no problem contacting AT&T from abroad from my phone, but it wasn't really needed, as it can easily be done online.