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Safari can’t use the extension “iTube Studio” because the extension is no longer valid.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
  • Linc Davis Level 10 (192,206 points)

    Safari > Preferences > Extensions. Delete it.

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    Your answer: "Delete it" is not an answer to the problem. Wainek's problem, and mine and others is that the iTube Studio won't work anymore because Safari won't recognize the extension. Besides that, there is not an iTubeStudio extension to delete in" Safari>Preferences>Extensions"


    it's just not there, as if Apple or Safari has decided not to let people download iTube videos anymore. Could you please check it out and later elaborate on the problem?

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    I had the same problem, ok, still do with Safari. You can download FireFox web browser. iTube Studio still works in it. Just click "Tools" "Add-ons" then extensions and load it.

    I am thinking that since Apple sells the music in iTunes, then it doesn't make much sense for them to allow people to download anything they want for free. I guess. Anyway.. it works in Firefox. Do it before Firefox outlaws it too.

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    This is a known problem with iTube Studio. They are working on a fix.


    http://support.iskysoft.com/how-tos/safari-cant-use-the-extension-itube-studio-b ecause-the-extension-is-no-longer-valid.html


    For the inconvenience caused, we are terribly sorry. We have already located the problem which is due to certificates expiration. Our programmers are working on a new solution in full swing.When the solution is worked out, we will release a new version on July 3.Once the new version is available, iTube Studio will remind you, then you can follow the steps to upgrade the program. Please kindly wait for a few days for the new version to resolve the problem.


    Before that, there is an alternative solution for you:

    1. Uninstall iTube Studio (related FAQ: http://support.iskysoft.com/itube-studio-for-mac/how-tos/#5425#10250)

    2. Reinstall it,then use Firefox or Chrome instead of Safari to download videos.

    Note:During the installation, the installar will remind you to install the extension for Firefox and Chrome. Please remember to check the chekcbox before the two extensions.

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    The first link returns "404 Not Found error". The second one lists a mass of FAQs that don't solve the problem.


    I've just purchased iTube Studio and now I see that it doesn't work as told in advertising.


    That's one more software to drag to the trash bin and some more bucks to give away...


    There must be some organism to certify software functionality and reliability, so that the customers don't have to pay for nothing!