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I can not delete my old apple ID from my iphone when I want to update my apps.  I have changed my ID and password on itunes and even on my iphone.  However everything i hit update the old ID/email pops up.



I would like to asked someone how to do this. I just changed my ID on the iphone and it seem to do that same change on itunes.  I am so confused now I don't know what to do.  I even reset the entire iphone a few weeks back to start over and that old ID keeps popping up.  My next step is to delete all my download apps and start over. 

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
  • randers4 Level 9 Level 9 (62,585 points)

    Apps are permanently tied to the Apple ID used to purchase them originally.  All updates will require you to enter the password for this ID whether you have a new one or not.  The only way to stop this from happening is to delete these apps from your phone and repurchase them using a different ID.

  • Michael Black Level 6 Level 6 (18,420 points)

    For future reference - you can change the email address you use for your AppleID at by logging into the "manage" account section.


    If you change the email address used there, your account remains  the same and it would work with those old apps.  However, if you create a new AppleID, then the old one still lives on, and as randers4 says, all purchases made with that old one are permanently tied to it.

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    Thank you Randers4 and Michael for your help.  IT WORKED.  I deleted all my APPS and my NEW ID popped up and I was able to download them all again.  Thank you BOTH for taking the time to answer my question.  Jack

  • randers4 Level 9 Level 9 (62,585 points)

    You're welcome.

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    I know this is for iPhone but I gets same rule applies for iPad. What if you change your apple I'd and password,card details, basically everything as you giving account to another. Would then they have problems doing updates for these apps originally purchased or problems with in app purchases? I had 2 games on my partners iPad one I couldn't move to mine no in game save option, backup didn't work lost progress. So I changed my I'd, then changed his I'd to what I wanted backed up on iTunes and restored everything on my new iPad. He then created a new apple I'd with'hisnold email again and I got my games moved without loosing progress. But I can't seem to make in app purchases. It keeps saying connecting to server then when it says confirm purchase it doesn't load anything instead ask me if I want to sign in again with a existing I'd or new.

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    How do I change or recall my password with my old email address? This seems to be my problem. I don't want to repurchase my aps again but I can't recall the password to do the updates for my aps. Thanks.

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    I've tried all this and none of it is working. Now I have none of the pertinent apps, that we all pay an arm-and-a-leg for, to get through the day.


    To start, I did everything the first post-person did in terms of changing ID and password on the phone and on iTunes. Then I had his same problem....I tried everything. Nothing worked. So I gave in, deleted the apps tied to the original email address (which has been hacked and I can no longer access, hence the change), and now I have no apps and no ability to download apps. And no way to get into that old email even if I wanted to.


    My phone is now essentially a useless brick. I just added someone to my family plan but am now considering cancelling both our phones!

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    What I did was write down all the apps I had.  Then i deleted them all, I put in my NEW e-mail with a NEW password.  Then you go back and download all the apps you had with this new e-mail and password as if you are starting all over from the beginning.  I have had no problem since I did this.  Now when I see a new app I just down load it .  Apparently all your apps were downloaded or purchase under the old e-mail and password. 


    Why apple does it this way I don't know.  We all change our e-mails and or passwords all the time and they should make it the way it is on Facebook.


    Again, you have to put in a NEW e-mail and NEW password but you must delete all your apps.  Apparently you must do this on your iphone and itune account too.  You have to add new e-mail and password to both so they are seeing the same thing.  Don't give up the phones, I know how you feel I wanted to throw mine against the wall! LOL


    Good luck


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    I'm having the same problem as the original post.. if I delete all of the apps and repurchase.. will it loose all my data saved in those as well??

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    Also, I'm trying to purchase new apps but my old ID still automatically pops up.. I've updated my new ID in itunes but how can I do it on my phone?

    Any help very much appreciated thanks!

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    i have that problem as well...when i go to the App Store...the categories come up so i chose a free game but then a window pops up and with the old Apple ID and password? do i change that...please help

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    You can log in with any account in iTunes. From the menu bar, click Store, and at the bottom log out and back in with your new ID. On your iPhone/Pod/Pad, go to Settings, then scroll down to Store.


    Bottom line, as of this minute, there is NO WAY to carry over stuff from one ID to another. The ONLY way to switch over to a new ID completely is to download ALL the apps AGAIN, with your new ID. It's crazy, and stupid. And yes, that means PAYING for any of the apps AGAIN.


    I find it bizarre and obnoxious that Apple still does not address this in any way, even though its a common question on these forums for years and years.

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    Sooo sick of that problem of double Apple ID! It's been like this for a year now.


    A very happy camper am i now !



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    I have created my apple id already. But when i try to any app in appstore then a window pops up saying "this id is not used in itunes". Can anyone help me with this?

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