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i'm looking to share photos from iphoto to my little black apple tv as a screensave. the only way i've found to do this is via public sharing on flickr. is there a way to have photos of my kids as a screensaver on my atv without exposing them to everyone flickr?

AppleTV 2, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    There is a pretty simple way to do this from the settings options. You'll need to have Home Sharing switched on. There is a support article on this site which will guide you through the process:



    Good luck!

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    This method is only available, if there is a Mac or PC permanently switched on. As I am using a MacBook Pro which is not always in my house, how can I include the private marked Flickr photos, like "augsebas" already asked?

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    Hey, you've probably found an answer to this question by now, but I'll post from my experience to help the next asker. I was trying to load an album of baby pictures as the screensaver for my parents-in-law for a similar situation. I took the Apple TV to my house and connected it wirelessly to the network, and turned on Home Sharing so it could see the albums on my iMac. I selected the album I wanted as the screensaver, and let it load. When I brought the Apple TV back to their house, it had stored all the photos in memory. So long as they don't change the screensaver, it should keep the photos memorized (my iMac was, of course, nowhere to be found on their wireless network). You'd have to check on what the limits are for this approach, though. I don't know how many pictures it can keep in memory or for how long.

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    i'm trying to do it with photos from home on my apple tv at my office. i don't think home sharing will work remotely like that. does it?

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    I haven't figured out how to set it up remotely. In the case of my parents-in-law, I loaded the images on to the ATV at home, then brought the ATV to their house. The ATV obviously couldn't find my iMac, but it still had the photos in memory and so, kept using those pictures for the screensaver.

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    this is a little black atv, you can't store photos on those.

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    Understood. For whatever reason, I've been able to get this to work with a 2nd gen. and a 3rd gen. ATV. I wouldn't call it "storing" per se, but rather "taking advantage of short-term caching". I have the feeling that in my example, if my parents-in-law change their screensaver even for a moment, that all the photos from my album at home will be lost from the ATV's short-term memory. However, I have had one ATV 3 at my parents-in-law's place for several months now, and the baby pictures stored on the screensaver (from when I had the ATV at our house) are still there.