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OK, so this is really annoying.


If my iPad or iPhone have a lousy connection while downloading, they've has been known to stop downloading mid song.

In theory, that shouldn't be a problem, I just delete the song and re-download.

Except every time I re-download the song, even when connected to wifi at home or my office, any song whose download was incomplete at ANY time in the past, will ALWAYS download the exact same section over and over, no matter how many times I delete the song and re-download from the cloud.

It's as if the cloud has decided "ok, when downloading on an iOS device, this song should be X bytes, so that's all I'll ever serve in the future" - even though the initial download was incomplete.

I don't have this problem at home, so it's not like the file is corrupt on the cloud, but if I ever download on my iPad or my iPhone, I get the exact same result on both devices.


So - desktop iTunes downloads full song properly.  iOS device downloads the same partial download over and over, regardless of device.


This is infuriating and renders iTunes Match essentially useless on my iPad and iPhone.


Is there a way to clear the cache on the devices or to somehow tell the cloud to stop doing this?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iOS 5.1
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    Yes, you can. In fact, the problems is caused by the chache itself, I've had this problem too, let me help you.

    1: Delete any currently downloading songs in the iTunes App. Of course, you won't be able to delete those bugged songs.


    2: Get an iDevice explorer software like "iExplorer" (it's free!).


    3: Hook up your device to the usb cable and go to System>Media>Downloads


    4: Delete all of it's contents, don't be afraid, you won't damage anything.


    This should fix your problem, if it doesn't, you can restore to a previously working backup.

    If you want to restore but don't want to download your whole library again, you can sync all your music before turning iMatch on your device, once all music is there, turn it on and the music will still be there with iMatch on.

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    Hi Lunar Dragon,


    Followed your instructions btu songs still skip. I think is not a matter of backup, but iTunes Match not working properly. What I don't understand is why Apple hasn't issued a fix. Match works fine on desktops but not mobile. Its a pity... I guess Google Music (Locker) might work better. Going to give it a shot.