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So I got a new MacBook, and I want this new computer to be the one I use for syncing. For clarity, I'll call my old computer "Computer A" and my MacBook "Computer B."

So some people here told me to back-up and restore my iPod on Computer B, and that would fix all my problems. It didn't. Computer B still told me that this iPod was synced with another iTunes library (even though it's the same iTunes account, just different computers), and if I synced it, I would lose all my data. Well I accidentally did, but it's not a huge loss since I made a back-up on Computer A as well. But now, Computer A is downloading a software update for my iPod (5.1). My iPod is currently running 5.1 already! Why would it need to update with the same software???

So my problem still remains.


Is it even possible to change the computer you use to sync an iPod? What happens if your old computer crashes and you buy a new one? Then you are forced to lose all the data on the iPod, even though nothing was wrong with it! Surely Apple is better than that! Why is there no easy way to change computers???


Sorry, but I'm really mad right now.


Is there anyone who has ever gotten a new computer and then used it to sync their iPod/iPhone? I really have no idea what to do, and I'd really appreciate any help.


Thanks... I hope I can get out of this mess...

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    - With all the media (apps, musci etc.) on comp B, just connect the iPod to the computer and make a backup by right clicking on the iPod under Devices n iTunes and select Back Up. Then restore from that backup.

    - You are saying that you did that. Did you?

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    Correct, I did that, and computer B told me that if I synced this iPod with this computer, it would erase everything on it and replace it with the data on this computer. I accidentally did that, and all my stuff was gone.

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    - I have no idea. The instruction I gave have worked for many others.

    - After you make the backup on computer B and then when still connected to computer B restore the iPOd from that backup what happesn?

    Does the iPod go through the steps of restoring?


    In the future when oyu are starting a new post with the old question, it would have been useful if you would have referenced that previous discussion. You were good to start a new discussion since the other one was marked Completed and many users of this forum do not read completed discussions.

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    Ok, thanks for the tip.


    But yeah, I left it connected, and that's what happened.


    ... What's supposed to happen?

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    Ok, I just got off the phone with Apple, and the lady told me all I had to do was sync my iPod normally.

    Here's what I think happened: I accidentally left "Sync Apps" unchecked, because I just pressed the button. Since it wasn't set to sync apps, I got in trouble. This time, I'll change that.

    Since the same apps are there, I wouldn't lose my data. So Computer A is still downloading the update (It's really slow) and then it will restore my info. After that, I'll do a cursory "Transfer purchases" to insure that all the data corrosponds (Specifially apps, =P) and then I'll sync like normal. She said I shouldn't have any problems, and I hope she's right. However I still have the back-up on Computer A if things go really wrong...


    Wish me luck.