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Every time I try to play 21 Jump Street, I get an error message that says "The iTunes Store is Currently Unavailable.  Please try again later."


I have tried purchasing another season, same message.  I have tried restarting the AppleTV (newest generation), same message.  I've done a full factor restart.  I've signed out and signed back it.  Nothing is fixing it.  Other series that I have downloaded work.  It's just this series.  The first 2 seasons worked great.  But since I purchased the 3rd season, I cannot access it.  I even tried buying the 4th, thinking maybe there was a problem with 3, and nothing.  I can't even access the first two seasons anymore.


I am not streaming it from my computer. I am playing it directly from the cloud.


I tried contacting AppleCare.  They told me to contact the iTunes support.  I contacted the iTunes support, and they couldn't help me.  I am at a loss of what to do.  Has anybody else had this problem?  Do you know how to fix it?

Apple TV, iOS 5.1, Newest Generation
  • JeepRuby101 Level 1 Level 1

    I should also add.  This is ONLY happening on my AppleTV.

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    Did you figure out how to fix this?  I'm having the exact same problem and tried all the fixes you did.  I can't view my Purchased products on my Apple TV.  It says, "The iTunes Store is currently unavalialbe.  Try again later."  Software up to date, rebooted... I can access new shows, watch previews of movies, access youtube, etc.  but it still doesn't work. 

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    I am having the same problem. 9PM PST and the service window to work on servers are typically from 10PM--6AM. Industry standard.


    It seems to be isolated to iTunes because the Netflix app works on the AppleTV. I have a 50 mbps down and 5 up (of that I get about a 30 Mbps from San Diego) to the Apple servers. I have a very good suspision this is related to a few apple projects I am aware of. Only a guess.


    It just is hard to see Apple having issues. Reminds me of the PS3 breach and we didn't have that for over a month. Let's hope it is up and running soon.


    You're not alone. I cut the cord with the cable company for AppleTV and now this. Well I will watch Netflix in the meantime.

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    I wrestled with this exact issue and Apple customer support for the last few months and got nowhere. Finally the Apple 'specialist' just said the issue was outside of her area of support and to visit an apple store. Basically I have everytime I went to access South Park on my apple tv in 'purchased shows' I just got that **** message.


    The good news is I just found a solution (at least one that worked for me). I found that if you go to your purchases in iTunes and 'hide' the purchase that caused the problem, that fixes the 'iTunes store is currently unavailable' bug in Apple TV. For example I have 31 episodes of South Park and realised if I hid a bunch of them, I could access the unhidden episodes again. Through a process of elimation I eventually discovered that episode 1 of season 10 was the sole cause of the bug (I own 3 other episodes in that season and it works even those episodes aren't hidden).


    So I recommend to just hide a bunch of episodes in shows giving you the message until you figure out which episode is causing the whole series to give you the 'iTunes store is currently unavailable' message. Once you know which one is it, unhide the rest so you can see them on your Apple TV again. For that one episode I suppose for the meantime we have to deal with not accessing it directly off Apple TV. Download it to your PC, iPad, iPhone or whatever else you have, and use airplay for whenever you want to watch that specific episode.


    I hope this helps the rest of you, I know I have been visiting this discussion for weeks now hoping for a solution.

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    Same problem with me. Please, Apple. The TV Episode Artwork Bug still isn't fixed, and now I can't access the store or purchases on my iTunes. I think they're trying to get me to buy the "new" AppleTV. In fact, is ANYONE with the new AppleTV having this problem? Also, of those of you having this problem, did you all download and install the "new" updated software today? I did.


    Should we really have to be "finding the problem files and hiding them?" or does this sound a lot like a Windows95 type solution? Please fix this. I have thousands of dollars invested in a TV library I can't watch.

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    Hello fellow frustrated Apple TV users,


    I've been having this problem off and on since I bought my Apple TV on March 21. This error seems to randomly occur and only affects my Purchased content. I scroll over to TV Shows, scroll to Purchased, and either get the "iTunes Store is currently unavailable. Try again later" error, acess to my purchased content without the ability to play it, or perfect functionality.


    I contacted Apple 3 times yesterday (May 11, 2012) to troubleshoot the issue. So far we've determined that the problem is either an Apple TV software issue, or an Apple server issue. My MacBook Pro and my iPod Touch work fine, only my Apple TV is affected. I power-cycled my router and modem, and tried using an ethernet connection. The problem still persisted.


    I literally just watched one TV show before posting this and did not have any problems. However, I went back to watch another episode after the first episode ended and got the "iTunes Store is currently unavailable. Try again" error.


    The only thing that SOMETIMES helps is to perform a complete system restore on your Apple TV.

    To do this go to:

    1. Settings
    2. General
    3. Reset
    4. Restore


    I say this sometimes works because it helped twice as a temporary work around, however it did not help last night.


    The Apple Support manager had no idea what to do, neither did the three people I talked to. They said to either restore the Apple TV or take it to an Apple Retail Store.


    Well, restoring the Apple TV only works about 20% of the time and it's not a permanent fix, and I don't have any Apple Retail Stores that are reasonably close to me. The Apple Retail Store would burn a lot of time trying to find out what the problem is, then when they couldn't figure it out they'd give me a new Apple TV. The problem is with the software or a server, NOT the hardware. If they gave me a new Apple TV, that Apple TV would have the same problem.


    I have the new Apple TV 3rd Generation. I don't know how to fix this issue. Apple doesn't know how to fix this issue. I'm trying my best to help them, but I'm not a programmer. This is my main source of entertainment and, go figure, it doesn't work. My MacBook Pro and iPod Touch 4th Generation are working fine. This issue frustrates me to no end and seriously knocks Apple down a few pegs in my book.


    While talking to the Apple Support Team, I told them that I was not the only one experiencing this issue. I told them that there were multiple forums and threads of frustrated users who are experiencing the same issue and that they're trying to help each other, but it's out of their hands.


    I have my Apple TV setup to send Apple diagnostic data. What are they doing with this? Why isn't this problem fixed yet?


    Please Apple, fix this!


    I hope this information help users and Apple in some way. I'm going to post this and step away so that when my head explodes from frustration, I won't have a mess all over my computer.



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    This happened to me tonight, but to that I'll have to add that all services (Netflix, YouTube, etc.) where unavailable even if they were available everywhere else (iMac, iPad). My iPad wouldn't recognize AppleTV at all. Updated, restored and restarted and no change at all. A while before that I started "Printer Sharing", I don't know if that is causing a problem but it seems to cause chaos on my iMac as well.

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    I just received mine five days ago.  I created new Apple ID.  Created a new password.  I can't even see where NetFlix would be.  Try to go to iTunes, can't log in.  Either password or Apple ID not found, store not available.  I have in each instance gone back to my PC and logged in to verify id and PW correct.  No the store isn't down due to some software update.  Tech support keeps trying to puch me to click forgot PW.  Tech support isn't even reading the issue.  I'm frustrated enough I'm going to take all of my Apple products back and launch them into the store if this isn't resolved in two days. 

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    I've stopped using apple support because it is painfully clear that you're right, they just absolutely don't read the emails. The responses could only be automated.