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I have Palm on my Dell. I'm moving to MacbookPro. I got my contacts to Address Book using Vcard. I don't have tons of calendar entries so used the Vcal option to move them one at a time to iCal. Now I'm down to moving Palm tasks to my Mac. In terms of hardware I only have the Dell and the Mac. In terms of S/W I don't see much on the web that will really save me a lot in moving my 100-125 tasks to the Mac. So it will probably be re-enter them one at a time.


Now the question - iCal seems to have only one place holder for what I call Tasks. That seems to be Reminders. Does anyone have any feedback, tips, etc. on doing task/reminder management using iCal?


Thanks in advance.

iCal, Mac OS X (10.7.3)