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I'm using the latest version of compressor (four). I am exporting a movie from my timeline of some 57 minutes to a master .mov file using 'current settings' from the timeline. My compressor settings are that I am creating a standard definition DVD with the default settings, apart from adding a very small  amount of sharpness, as I would normally do.




when I play back the movie on my HD 1080p TV, the video looks interlaced. When I tried to re-encode using deinterlace option, the same problem was worse, showing what looked like interlaced lines on the horizontals. I didn't have this problem with previous versions of compressor when using exactly the same method.


Anyone else experiencing similar problems?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7), 8GB/500GB HDD/GeForce GT 330M
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    What is the format of your movie source? Best if you take a screen shot of the Inspector summary and post here.



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    the original footage is AVCHD which was ingested and 'Optimized' in FCPX (ProRes). Below is the Inspector window contents of Compressor's SD DVD preset Summary that I was using when the issue arised.


    I exported the Timeline (Current Settings, basically unchanged from the original timeline), using the 'Export Media' option in FCPX share menu, then I bring in the Exported .mov file to Compressor.



    Name: MPEG-2 for DVD

    Description: MPEG-2 elementary stream for DVD Authoring

    File Extension: m2v

    Estimated size: 3.36 GB

    Type: MPEG-2 video elementary stream

              Usage:SD DVD

    Video Encoder

              Width and Height: Automatic

                        Selected: 720 x 576

              Pixel aspect ratio: PAL CCIR 601 (16:9)

              Crop: None

              Padding: None

              Frame rate: (100% of source)

                        Selected: 25

              Frame Controls Automatically selected:

                        Retiming: (Fast) Nearest Frame

                        Resize Filter: Linear Filter

                        Deinterlace Filter: Fast (Line Averaging)

                        Adaptive Details: On

                        Antialias: 0

                        Detail Level: 0

                        Field Output: Same as Source

              Start timecode from source

              Aspect ratio: Automatic

                        Selected 16:9

              Field dominance: Automatic:

                         Selected Top first

              Average bit rate automatic,

                        selected: 7.826087 (Mbps)

              1 Pass VBR enabled

                        Maximum bit rate: 9 (Mbps)

              High quality

              Best motion estimation

              Closed GOP Size: 12, Structure: IBBP

              DVD Studio Pro meta-data enabled

    Sharpen Edge

              Amount: 7.000




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    I wouldn't be surprised if the difference in what you're seeing from v4 compared to v3 has more to do with your material (lighting, background, movementt) than it does with Compressor. However, it would be most interesting for you to make that comparison yourself – doing the job in whatever earlier Compressor version you still have access to.


    BTW, whart flavor ProRes did you use?


    But a couple of things: Was the footage shot progressive or interlaced? Definitely don't de-interlace if progressive and probably don't even if it were shot interlaced. If you feel you must de-interlace, use Frame Controls and select Motion Compensated; don't use the de-interlace option in the filters tab.


    I'm not a fan of the new DVD video quality settings (and I use 3.5 for DVD encodes)…and I recommend changing to two pass VBR – unless your movie is fairly static, like an interview. Furthermore, the new bit rate settings are very aggressive, and I'd lower them so the average is around 7.2 Mbs.


    Try encoding a small but representative section with a variety of adjustments and bring them into DVD Studio pro to test…waste a disk or two. If you don't get satisfactory results, break it into two jobs…in the first, do a re-size to SD – while staying in Pro Res – with Frame Controls on and resize filter set to Best. Then take that outut file and make your MPEG-2.


    Good luck.



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    BTW, when I asked about the flavor of Pro Res, I'm asking you to verify that Proxy wasn't inadvertently used.



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    Hi Russ, thanks for your input here. As far as lighting goes, yes its just my sons school play and lighting wasnt great, but also not that poor, a home project not a commercial one. However it's not the set lighting that is the issue here. There is way too much artefacting on horizontals and aspects like that, which points to a compression-at-post issue.


    I was sure i used ProRes 422, but now you've have me thinking as this was a big project, I may have lowered the quality. How can one check if its Proxy or Standard ProRes used in the Timeline?


    Also, if I have ingested using proxy, is there a way to Media-Manage (like FCP7) whereby I can just reencode the footage on the timeline?



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    Open the movie (that you used for Compressor's source file) in Quick Time Player and hit command i to bring up the QT Inspector. It will give you the format info.



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    Screen Shot 2012-04-21 at 13.05.44.png

    This looks like ProRes 422? Not ProRes PROXY ?? You agree?

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    Hmmmm then I am at a loss... I wonder what has changed in the DVD preset since the last update of Compressor? Its now useless to me! :-(


    I appreciate your help thank you.

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    So try the steps with small test files that I suggested in my earlier post.


    You don't have to use the preset. Use it as a starting point. Experiment with adjusting the quality controls and frame controls. When you find something you like, save it as a custom preset.


    Let us know how much improvement you are are able to achieve.


    Good luck.



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    Yes, Ive just been playing with it.. I guess I was hoping for a quick fix as i didnt want to spend all day playing with compressor!!!


    thanks again. :-)

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    To my amazement I noticed the average bit rate was around 5.0 with a max set at 9 at a 1 pass VBR! In my experience the average bit rate is the critical value here. I'm absolutely sure this was set much higher in previous versions of Compressor. Anyhow, I'd set the values to average around 7.7 with a max of 9.0 (highest) and used 2-Pass VBR.


    Result: it worked great!


    Thanks Russ for pointing out what should have been obvious to me in the first place!