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I use my iMac for keeping tabs on a list of recuring events throughout the years as well as over the years.  The events generally follow in particular months each year and have new attendees as well as returning participants from previously held events who continue to attend the events. 


I have kept records in Word for Mac, on Pages & Numbers, but nothing works best like Address Book.  I have several hundred participants that I would like to reorganize into a central location and find that Address Book might be best suited for the task.  The problem is that I would like to keep separate these names and dates from my personal/business Address Book if at all possible.


My question is, "Can two Address Books exist on the iMac, each with its own intended purpose?  Namely, Address Book 1 (Personal) and Address Book 2 (Events)?


Any ideas would be welcome.



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    Two ways to go about this.  You can create Addressbook groups, or you can make a second user account within your Mac just to manage the second addressbook.  The advantage of the former, you can selectively search between two separate groups of addresses.    The advantage of the second obviously is totally separate operation. 

    http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2486 - explains the Smart Groups feature of Addressbook

    Apple menu -> System preferences -> Users and Groups helps you setup multiple accounts. Fast user switching allows you to use a menubar switch to go between two different users.

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    a brody,


    I should know that, but I keep forgetting to make different accounts (users) on the iMac. Thanks ever so much!