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I am cutting a movie in FCP7. The movie was shot on a 7D. For the most part everything is fine but there is one scene that looks fine on the timeline, but once I export it as a QT, the audio is off.


There are no different settings in this scene than in the other but for some reason, this one looks normal on the timeline but is out of sync when I view the exported QT.



  • Michael Grenadier Level 7 (20,340 points)

    Have you converted the material to a fcp friendly format BEFORE editing?  This is crucial,

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    Thanks for the response Michael. I don't believe this is a codec issue because I've edited more than an hour of the movie and formatting has not been an issue up to this point. There's just this one section that looks normal on the timeline but is out of sync once I export it.


    I'm about to scrap that scene and just start over.

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    FCP is a great program, but it allows you to work with material that is not appropriate.  Although you may be able to work with what I assume is h264 material for a while, eventually it will bite you on the rear.  Do some searching here and you'll see many, many problems that can be traced back to working with it.  


    If you continue working with it, you're liable to have many more problems down the road.  You might get lucky, but you may be digging yourself a very deep hole.


    If you want some help converting the material without losing all the work you've put in to your project so far, let us know.

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    Checking back in. Still no luck. I even re-cut the scene a second time with no luck. I assume you are right Michael that it is some sort of codec issue but at the same time, I've been doing the same process for the entire length of the movie and this one scene (or half of a scene) is the only place that doesn't want to cooperate.


    Basically, I've been editing this movie with each scene as it's own sequence (we'll marry them all together at the end.) Yes, the clips are H.264, 1920x1080, shot 23.98. There were minor hiccups when editing but those were remedied by de-interlacing my timeline once each scene is done. Seemed like an odd solution to me but it worked.


    As I said, I've edited more than an hour's worth of the movie without having this issue. What suggestions do you have for converting this? Do I need to go back and convert every scene? That would be a killer.


    And finally, if that is the answer, why is this issue so pronounced with this one moment while the rest of the movie has been fine?