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This transfer seems to be taking a really long time and no real change in status. How long does it usually take?

MacBook Pro
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    It depends.


    How much data to be migrated?


    How are you transferring the data?

    You aren't doing this wirelessly are you?



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    I am doing it wirelessly .. There is another way?

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    What type of cable do I need?

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    "You can connect your Macs in one of four ways to transfer information with Migration Assistant:

    • FireWire or ThunderBolt
    • Wireless (Wi-Fi) or Ethernet
    • Time Machine backup or other disk"


    Firewire is pretty fast.  Wireless is REALLY slow. It could take a day or more.



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    I originally tried to migrate from my MacBook Pro to my new iMac via wifi. 30 hours, and it never finished. Tried again, same result. 3 days later, and never finished the transfer,  I connected the two via ethernet. Less than 4 hours to transer files (had a lot of high quality pix), but now up and running with no problems ... although I now have two main users. Read somewhere that there's a way to fix that. Don't EVER go wifi for Migration. Especially if you have others in your household using wifi, or a lot of high MB files. Or even if you've put you phone on wifi.

    Oh yeah: don't forget to set your drive auto shut down to "never." That info isn't provided. Crucial for both devices. If either computer sleeps (the drive, not the screen), migration stops and doesn't warn as to "why" your migration isn't progressing, and you have to start all over. Be sure to go back and adjust the computer shut dowm to "never." System Preferences," "Energy Saver."

    I am Mac, through and through. Just wish they'd offer more "how to" upfront versus me searching online or making an appointment to see some Genius, or waiting on hold for Apple assistance, to solve problems which I believe many face.

    3 days later, migration complete. Finally. Seriously, Ethernet is the only way to go when you move from one Mac to another.

    Been there, done that. Wish that Apple would suggest Ethernet as the way to Migrate. Have as of yet to see a successful migration via wifi; and I have looked, Googled, searched the topic. Apple should suggest Ethernet as the best way to migrate. Period.