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My mother's thumb was amputated due to bone cancer a few months ago. At Christmas, I bought her an iPhone 4S with a Morphie Juice Pack. It's a nice piece of equipment with a few glaring problems. It has no AC adapter. One has to separate it into the upper and lower half to charge the iPhone and the Morphie Juice Pack separately. One cannot charge both at the same time while assembled (from what I read in an earlier post).


I had to jury rig a Bluetooth charger to charge the Morphie.


Is there a power pack with an AC adapter which does not require the user to separate power pack from the iPhone; which allows one to charge both as a unit and then simply unplug the assembly and use it? She can't separate the Morphie Juice Pack as it's too difficult to pull apart and she does not have a thumb on one of her hands to accomplish this.


-Dr. John

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