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How do you sync calendar events created on iphone 4 to outlook calendar on personal computer (windows 7 or Vista)?


Outlook calendar events created on computer on syncing on to iphone but not vice versa...

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1
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    Check Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendar>Default Calendar (in calendar section), check to be sure you have selected your Outlook calendar as your default (not, for example, On My iPhone).  Then add a new event on your iPhone calendar and sync to see if it transfers successfully to your Outlook calendar.

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    The only options in Default Calendar are:


    From My PC

    - Calendar



    - Calendar

         Shared by me

    - Home

    - Work


    Nothing specifically stated Outlook calendar

    From My PC - Calendar is the one checked right now and doesnt transfer iphone to Outlook

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    If you are syncing your Outlook calendar with iCloud, try choosing "Calendar" under iCloud.

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    Yea that was the original setting it was on when it wasnt working


    Another suggestion for someone else that was having the same problem was turn the Calendar option on and off and that didnt work either and I already did the add-in tool stuff in the computer Outlook tab with no success.


    Open to more suggested solutions. Thnx

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    I would experiment with each of the calendars shown in your settings to confirm that none of them restore your ability to sync from phone to Outlook, as your symptoms are indicative of a case where the wrong default calendar is selected.  Also, be sure you are viewing the correct calendar in Outlook when you evaluate whether or not it's working.  Example: if you select Calendar under iCloud as your default calendar on your phone, make sure you are viewing Calendar under iCloud in Outlook when you look for the added event.


    If, after experimenting in this way, you determine that none of the default calendar options restore your ability to sync your phone calendar to Outlook, the you may need to uninstall iTunes and all of its components as by following this guide: Windows XP or Windows Vista/7, then reinstall iTunes.  (This will replace the Outlook plugin if that's the source of the syncing problem.)  You must follow this guide exactly or it will not be successful.  Note: uninstalling iTunes will only remove the application; it will not touch your iTunes library or data.


    Finally, I guess I didn't ask but syncing Outlook with iCloud requires Outlook 2007 or 2010.  If you are trying to use Outlook 2003, this isn't supported for iCloud syncing.

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    I have spent hours on this and gone through all the trouble shooting advice to no avail.  Ultimately I uninstalled Itunes and icloud, reinstalled and it works!  The only issue now is that I have duplicate calandar events in the icloud, but that's minor in comparison to duplicating appointments because the phone didn't sync.


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    I used to have no problems with synching and since upgrade unable to to sync calendar/contacts--i found my problem which may not be anyone elses--but for me i found this article that had me go into INFO in itunes and the entire area was grayed out and I had to recheck the syncing--not sure how this happened since I don't remember doing it initially, but maybe it will help someone else--here is the link to the article.