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I updated the OS to 10.7.3 recently and noticed that none of the Motion versions would run, altough Final Cut Pro 7 runs great.


Repairing permissions didn't help.

Reinstalling Motion 4 didn't help.

Deleting preferences (4 files from ~/Library/Preferences starting with com.apple.motion and com.apple.motionapp) didn't help either.

I don't see any conflicting fonts neither.


On other (arleady existing) user accont Motion works after giving the user admin privileges.


The app won't crash like normal apps crash, it would just remain unresponsible.

(in Motion 4) I can open the app once for one OS reboot, it would show the welcome screen, I could enter preferences and mess around, but it becomes unresponsible as soon as I make a new file or open one.


It would be really helpful for me if it was possible to get Motion running on my own user account, what can be possible reasons for such behaviour? Possible fixes?


Im running Mac Pro 1.1 with ATI 4870 (PC flashed) and Nvidia 7300 (Apple), two displays, one per card.


Thanks in advance