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I've tried,


I've lost my QuickTime Pro registration key(s). What should I do?

You can retrieve purchased registration keys this way:

  1. Visit the Apple Online Store.
  2. Cick "Account" in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click "Downloadable Software Purchases".
  4. Enter your Apple ID and password.

You should see your QuickTime Pro registration key(s).

The enlarge and bolded portion isn't even in Account selection.  If I type it in search, all that pop up are items I can purchase.  Viewing Purchase History has nothing, having Apple call center call me was useless.   Please advise on how else I can retrieve my key.  Since regular Apple Support is useless.

Quick Time Pro 7 for Windows, Windows 7, I just want my Key : /
  • Don Archibald Level 10 (101,340 points)

    Click the Store link at the top of any of these pages.


    On the new page, click the Account item in the upper right. From the menu that appears, click View Order History.


    On this new page, enter your password in the Returning Customer section. Leave the rest blank.


    On this new page, your purchase info for QT Pro, including the registration key, should be shown in the upper part of the new page.

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    I tried it again as you asked and still coming up with.....




    ....No key  still.  

    *still not sure why you'd suggest something I've already explained was useless*   

    Thank you for the hope tho.

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    Yes. That hasn't worked in a long time.

  • K Shaffer Level 6 (12,582 points)

    Yes, things did change in more than two years

    and after significant update or upgrade...


    {With purchased software, there is Apple sales support.}


    Is there a point in addressing an old post?