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I have a 3rd generation iPad and an iPhone 4, both of which are encountering problems downloading apps from the app store.


I first noticed the problem about 5 days ago, whenever i attempt to download an app or an update to an app it just stops at "waiting" on the home screen. I am unable to pause/resume the app status, as when i tap on it nothing happens.


if i leave the app for about 5-10 minutes i get a warning pop up along the lines of "could not connect to the iTunes store" wifi is connected fine and i have tried it on other peoples wifi and still have the same problem.


I have tried resetting the iPad and iPhone and that doesn't fix it either.


I even went to the extend of wiping the iPad completely and restoring from iCloud and that didn't fix it, I tried then restoring as a completely new iPad and that didn't fix it either.


I was beginning to think that it must be an issue with my apple ID, however it still lets me sign in ok and when i plug my iPad into my MacBook Pro and open iTunes I am able to install the apps via that method.


To be clear, it is installing or updating apps on my iOS devices themselves that refuses to work.


I hope you can advise a solution as I am becoming increasingly frustrated with my lack of progress on what seems such a ridiculous issue as downloading apps is one of the more basic functions of an iOS device.

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