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My problem is a simple one that YOU will, sooner or later, face---else you already faced it.  It is the DREADED mixed media from You Tube.       HOW DO I MASS CONVERT MY ITUNES FLV VIDEOS TO MP4 VIDEOS.  If MP4 will play Video & Audio---why do I need FLV files?


1.  I have an old APLINE IDA-X001 Digital Automobile Receiver that I have ported my iPOD Classic to via their Alpine Proprietary High Speed USB2 Cable.

2.  I have 800+ You Tube music videos from the 80s (what can I say, WE ARE ALL ENTOMBED IN THE MUSIC OF OUR YOUTH and I am a couple of months older than Steve Jobs---Double Nickel or should I say YEAR ZERO of our lord Rock & Roll!!!).  When driving, I just want to hear the Audio Files from my iPOD.

3. 90% of said You Tube videos are in Flash Video (FLV), 10% are MP4.

4. You can only play FLV on outputs that have videos, MP4 videos can play in video mode else audio only mode---THEREFORE I NEED TO CONVERT all my FLVs to MP4s on my iPOD Classic (160GB).

5. Yes, there are a handful of FREE Video Converter programs out there and the one I have AV8 will convert FLV to MP4 one file at a time...drip,drip,drip!!!

6. I have 800+ Music Videos---I will have died from old age before my iPod is filled.

7. My DESIRED END STATE is to flip a software switch and have all my iPOD FLV videos magically convert to MP4

8. You Tube Download Modality:  I find a song I like and Download it to RealPlayer.  Once downloaded, I PAINFULLY convert it to Ipod (can't do more than 9 songs at a time). Once in iTunes, I sync it to my iPOD classic and bam---my videos are in my my iPOD.

9.  Currently, the only songs that play on my iPOD are those I've purchased from iTunes.

10. Whudda I Do?  The Apple Tech guys haven't a clue. Also. If I can only do it manually (I've got movies mixed in as well), how do I set up an MP4 folder and then only transfer that folder on to my iPOD?!!!

iPod classic, Windows 7, WIN 7 64 Bit. Computer = Lenovo