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With my first message here I want to encourage the developers of Apple Aperture:


Please go on making Aperture even better.


Aperture was my reason to switch to Mac. This was exactly 5 years before in April 2007 and I never ever regretted this big step. Aperture was a great tool and it remains a great tool. Being a professional photographer I passed during these 5 years about 750.000 images through Aperture and keep about 100.000 in my main database. All works without any big problem for these 5 years now. I love its perfect control layout for quick and precise work with big amounts of files. For me it is a perfect solution.


All main upgrades brought huge improvements. So please: Dear Apple Aperture developers, give us an Aperture 4.0 - we all wait for it. No need to hurry from my perspective. But I would love to be amazed by new features. My most missed tool is an automated lens corrections. For me this is the only real advantage of lightroom or DXO. For me the biggest step would be an integration of the DXO lens correction itself or the ptlens engine.


Okay and now one urgent petition:


Please add RAW support for the Nikon D800E quickly. This camera is the ultimate tool. The best camera I ever owned. Far ahead each other camera except the D800. The E is somehow exotic because of the lack of the anti-aliasing filter, but believe me: Many many professionals will buy it and many many amateur landscape photographers.


Thank you



Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.3)