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Yesterday I downloaded a CSS Menu Maker from


My probleme is that I cannot put the codes onto my iWeb site so that the menu appears correctly.


I have sent an e-mail to support but they did not react so far - I wondering if they will ever do... Anyway they are too slow there to respond...


Could someone tell me what I did wrong?





"Dear Tech Support,


Today I have bought an Unlimited Website Licence of CSS Navigation Builder and I was delighted that in the FAQ someone has asked about how to use it with iWeb (


Although I was following the procedure as you have described in that FAQ, there was no success. (Here you can see what I have got:


Let me describe you step-by-step what I did hoping that it will facilitate "debugging":


1. I have created a menu (I have actually chosen a default one), named it "TEST" and saved it into a folder on my Desktop.


2. I have opened "TEST.html" with the latest version of "Text Wrangler" and copied the code starting with line "<!-- Start HEAD section -->" and ending with line "<!-- End BODY section -->".


3. I have pasted it into a snippet on a page named "CSS" on my website ( and published the site changes onto the server.


4. I have uploaded both "TEST.html" and the folder named "TEST_files", created automatically when I hit "Publish" in CSS3Menu, directly under the root folder on the server ("/public_html" in my case). (As you described on your website, the "TEST_files" folder contains and another folder ("css3menu1"), which in its turn contains the following 3 files: "arrowsub.gif", "mainbk.png" and "style.css".) So ALL these folders and files are uploaded.


I use OS X 10.7.3 and iWeb on a MacBook Pro 13" that I bought last year.



So where the problem may be? (When you answer please keep in mind I am not knowledgeable about coding or css. I would appreciate a step-by-step explanation with clear terms for non pros...)"
  • Wyodor Level 6 (19,730 points)

    The link to the Stylesheet is wrong.


    Instead of :


    <link rel="stylesheet" href="TEST_files/css3menu1/style.css" type="text/css" />


    Use this :


    <link rel="stylesheet" href="../../TEST_files/css3menu1/style.css" type="text/css">

  • sejattila Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanx, that was it!!!!


    The developer of shoud have mentioned this in the description of the corresponding FAQ. Otherwise, how one should expect that a code generated via a WYSIWYG interface turn out to be wrong...

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    I have the same problem of css3menu not showing correctly in Iweb.

    I did the correction you mentioned above and add: ../../ in the link rel=

    But not success.

    This is what I did before:

    1-Created a new empty page in Iweb called Test

    2-Create and save a css3menu file called also test, it gave out the cssmenu1 folder and a Test.html

    3-Copy the css3menu1 folder inside of Test_files of Iweb

    3-Open the Test.html file with Coda and copy the commands in a widget of Iweb first only the head, second head and body and third the complete html file. no success in any of the three tries.


    The link rel was:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="Test_files/css3menu1/style.css" type="text/css" /><style type="text/css">._css3m{display:none}</style>


    Now I changed to:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="../../Test_files/css3menu1/style.css" type="text/css" /><style type="text/css">._css3m{display:none}</style>


    but it didn't work. Need a hand



  • Wyodor Level 6 (19,730 points)

    Based on your description, try this :


    <link rel="stylesheet" href="css3menu1/style.css" type="text/css" />

    <style type="text/css">._css3m{display:none}</style>

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    It didn't work, What I did this morning was:

    1-Created again the empty page in Iweb called Test, Iweb saved one Test.html file and a Test_files folder.


    2-Created again a css3menu file with the menu in a different local folder, it opened in firefox perfect , creating a Test.html file and a Test_files folder inside wich is the css3menu1 folder. It looks like:



    3-I have a local carpet where I save the webs done by Iweb. I copy the css3menu1 folder inside the root and also inside the Test_files folder.


    4-Open the Test.html file with Coda a change the <link rel....deleting the line Test_files..and copy the head with a widget in Iweb's head (at the very top) , and then the body in another widget in Iweb's body (in the middle)

    It did't worked. this is how it looks.


    The links work, but not the stethics, as you can see the part wich is suppossed to be the header is a  empty widget at the top, and the part of the body is showing the plain text


    I have no trouble cretaing the css3menu and it looks perfect in html. but I want to use it inside my pages creates by Iweb, first in my local folder, then once the stethics are OK upload it to my ftp.


    I thing you're in the right way, because when I delete the lines with Coda and save the Test.html file (of css3menu) and opened it it looks as the second image, so it seems than when the "link rel" line changes the head and the body gates kind of foolin and do not work well for some reason.


    Also the problem that Iweb open .html files in a strange way no matter if you do it as a widget or as a selection.


    Another problem is the behaviour of Iweb that saves the files for the upload wherever you want, but when it opens it searches in the domain file instead of the saved to a local folder.


    So resuming I have not trouble creating a menu to a html file with css3menu. My problem is to insert it in my Iweb pages in the local folder and make the edition of the pages.


    Thanks a lot for your time.

  • Wyodor Level 6 (19,730 points)

    All the menu code should be in the SAME HTML Snippet.

  • Wyodor Level 6 (19,730 points)

    Here's a example of a css3menu (copy/pasted from their demo pages) :



    Notice that with the html snippet, the menu is separate from iWeb.


    In both examples the menus can be change without iWeb.

  • Barbarossanautica Level 1 (0 points)

    Hellow again Wyodor, well it didn't worked when I use all the menu code in the same snippet.

    I did try several things.

    What you mean for all the code?, should I copy from <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC.....until </html>

    Or just from the head until </body>


    Another thing is that I'm using the html snippet in the aside multimedia menu in Iweb.


    I'm supossing that all that work can be done in my computer in a local folder, not in the ftp server.


    I'm really thankful for your help

  • Roddy Level 6 (17,265 points)

    Why not just upload the CSS file to a folder on the server and use an absolute URL in the code...


  • Wyodor Level 6 (19,730 points)

    While you're struggling I added a 3rd page to the demo.


    Here's the menu file that's displayed with an <iframe> or a JavaScript in a HTML Snippet :



    Notice that it s completely independent from iWeb.


    And this is the widget markup file iWeb creates with the menu code I pasted in the HTML Snippet :



    Look at the source of each file and compare it with your own code.


    Then make it work.


    So now you have 3 options to add a custom menu to an iWeb page.


    BTW I made changes to iWeb to fix the double // bug. See this topic :



    You may have to add another ../ to make the pathnames work.

  • Barbarossanautica Level 1 (0 points)

    I found out looking in internet:


    To add an HTML Snippet to your page go to Media and drag the HTML Snippet logo to your page. You will then see two windows appearing on your screen. paste your HTML code in the black window and hit "Apply". Some codes work right in iWeb itself. Other codes only work once published to the web.


    Roddy wrote:


    Why not just upload the CSS file to a folder on the server and use an absolute URL in the code...


    Rody this is quite new for me, and make things more complicates, in order to be able to make changes in my web I would really like to make the work in my local folder before to upload it, if that's possible


    So my asking now is: is it possible to insert csss3menu files just working in local folder or some part of the files have to be uploaded.

  • Roddy Level 6 (17,265 points)

    If you are creating the menu outside of iWeb and adding it via an iframe then you can use relative URLs since you would normally put the CSS file in the same folder as the HTML file.


    If you are creating the menu by adding the whole code to a Snippet then it makes more sense to upload the CSS file to the server and reference it using an absolute URL.


    If you put the CSS in the same folder as the rest of the iWeb files it will get overwritten each time you publish changes to the site.

  • Barbarossanautica Level 1 (0 points)

    If I begin to understand how it works when I put the snippet into Iweb's page it should call for the css3menu file and show it, but I think that the link rel code is not working.

    I did copy the css3menu1 folder in a local folder, and also in the root of my web page, all this is in my computer and nothing has been uploaded yet.

    I also try copy with the: ../../, then I took it out and let: /css3menu1/style.css........


    So the main thing now for me is: can all this be done in my computer or do I must upload the css3 menu files.


    Wyodor I got the concept that the css3menu is independent, and it's another page, but when the page where I want the menu to be shown, makes the call it should appear, but I think the css3 menu page doesn't hear the calling, because the "link rel" line of the code isn't working....

  • Barbarossanautica Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry Rody you and I were writing at the same time, and  I read your when I published mine, I must make a look about iframes, yet I know nothing about...but a quick look in google shows that is a new command....

    Now I have to walk the dog...let's see later or tomorrow.


    Thanks for your help and time

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