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Until recently, my MBA powered down in ~2 secs.  It's now taking ~10 secs.  It may be down to the O2 usb modem (huawei) that I used but I have already deleted it.  I cannot see any residual files in Login Items.  I have also run Onyx.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    How did you delete the modem application? You can try some very basic troubleshooting. First thing I'd recommend is boot in Safe Mode, this will clear some caches. How you do this is to hold down the shift key when you hear the startup tone until progress bar appears. Let the machine fully boot in Safe Mode, then open Disk Utility (Applications - Utilities - Disk Utility) and Repair Disk Permissions, I would run this 2x. After Repairign the Disk Permissions exit DU, then restart normally and test.


    If you still have problems post back.

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    Thanks.  I have run the Repair Disk Permissions x2 in Safe Mode, then retried.  I am still at 10 secs to power down.  My MBA is only a few weeks old so I expected it to stay close to the original power down times.

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    If you have apps running when shutting down those also take time to close the files and shut down. I didn't realize your machine was so new, instead of posting on the forum I'd strongly recommend you contact AppleCare. You have 90 days of free telephone support and should be using it. You can find their phone number in your manual (did you carefully read it?) or if you can't find the manual you can use the AppleCare Contact Info link. BTW if you cannot locate your manual then please click Support in the upper right of this page and you will see the link for manuals where you can download a copy.

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    I saw my MBP power-don time increase notably, and was concerned.


    Then I remembered I had addedd a "plist" file to auto-start an application at power-up and that application requires a few seconds to shutdown all processes.

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    After 15 mins with the Apple Care contact and running a few checks, we agreed I will go into the store for a diagnostic check.  Hopefully, this will cure all!!

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    OK, let us know how it turns out after visiting the Apple Store.

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    A resolution.  There were some files still existing in some menus






    back to 2 secs power down

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    Thank you so much, mramshaw! These files were installed as part of the software that came with a UMTS stick I used to use (manufactured by Huawei.) Running the uninstaller took care of the problem, I'm happy to be back to the former 2 second shutdown.

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    I also wiped out all directories related  to HW* down below:




    as there where 2 additional processes running (as root), which slowed down OSX significantly!

    Thanks a lot.