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Should I be able to play my itunes via my Samsund D5000 smart tv and if so how??  Can someone help please.

I can see my photos from my ipod touch but cannot play the music.  hould this be able to be done via wireless

iPod touch
  • lllaass Level 10 Level 10 (154,065 points)

    Does the TV support AirPlay?

    With the proper cable you can output some video contenet to the TV

    iPhone, iPad, iPod: TV out support


    What you you really mean by "my tunes"

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    need to check if the tv supports air play burt actually all i want to do is play the music on my ipod through my television

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    For music, if the TV an an AUX audio inpute, you can purchase a cable that goes from the iPod's headohonbe jack to the AUX input of the TV.

    Also, a dock like this:


    Connect the Dock to a stereo or speakers using a stereo audio cable to play music from your iPod or iPhone.

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    Thankyou I will try this

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    I have a Samsung Smart TV and love it! BUT... I HATE that it won't play my AAC files, and while it supports DLNA, DLNA does NOT support AAC. So, that kinda *****. Everything else I LOVE about the TV, except the incompatibility with my music. Means I can only play my MP3s on the bugger. And I have the highest bit rate AAC files -- which I am just NOT going to convert to MP3s.


    All however is not lost! For $99 add an Apple TV with Air Play, and stream your AAC files through the TV. And if you are using iTunes Match (which I am), you can plan all your music right from the cloud if you so choose. I was looking at a transcoding server -- but now why bother, when for $99 I can get everything I want.

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    AH - I have a Smart TV just sitting here not completely installed without it being so Smart - I keep getting the Network Setting error - I have  a iMAC - and router/modem is close by  - (have Samsung TV)


    an I missing something - (use to PC since black and white monitor days)