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If there is a better group or forum for the following questions, please let me know.


I am presently performing the sound editing and mix for a feature using version 3.0.1 of Soundtrack Pro.  Though I am mixing using the surround feature, I have chosen to only use the center channel for dialog, and the front right and left speakers for everything else.


Furthermore, the picture editor (who is in a different state) sent me mono dialog tracks (he first sent me location and ADR on the same stereo track, which I could not separate for elimination or proper levels) and stereo tracks for the effects and score.  The two problems I am running into are:


1.  I am unable to access the noise reduction tools for any of the mono tracks.  The individual stereo tracks allow me to do this.  What appears to be going on?  Is there a workaround?


2.  Similarly, I am unable to access "adjust amplitude" under the same circumstances.  Again, the stereo tracks are fine.


Any assistance would be much appreciated!


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