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Hi, after using siri on my 4S, the audio is quite low or hard to hear. For example the lock sound before using Siri, is at a normal sound level. On the same volume level, after using siri, the audio sounds distinguished from the normal sound. After siri, the lock sound volume is low, and off tone. Is my iPhone defective?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1, Black color
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    bug apparently with Siri which has several bugs regarding volume. play a second of iTunes music and the sound will reset to normal. happens to me half a dozen times per day. been looking for a cydia hack to actually FIX this until apple finally does. (don't expect a quick fix; version 5.1  of firmware STILL doesn't have a SCALE on the MAP and mapping to a lattitude longitude doesn't work because ignorantly map app adds 'united states' to ALL addresses unless specified (so stooopid).


    double-tap home, swipe right will get you quickly to play/pause button to fix the sound.