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I set up home sharing on 3 computers. I have all my music on two of the computers. All 3 computers comes up with different totals of songs listed. Also, playlists I created doesn't come up on all computers.


Can someone tell me the correct way to set all this up.


Also the libraries all have the same name (mine). Should I list the Music folder as a different name for each computer. Seems to me I should only have the songs on one computer, that will link to the other two computers when turned on. But, I noticed that when I turned off the main computer with the songs, then everything disappeared off one of the other computers. Something is not right. I never have all 3 computers on at the same time. Tonight I just happened to be working with all 3 with backing up files/folders.

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    There's a few different things going on here. Starting with this one:


    But, I noticed that when I turned off the main computer with the songs, then everything disappeared off one of the other computers.


    Was the one-of-the-other-computers the computer which has no music stored on it locally? If so, that's what you would expect to see if you were streaming music to it from a different one, and then turned the different computer off.


    Or was something else going on?

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    That was one of the problems. Turning off the main computer with the music, wiped the music off the netbook. If I use the netbook for travel, then I wouldn't have any music on it.


    Other problem was that each computer had a different total of songs - one 242, one 239 and the other 66.


    Should I copy the music library to each computer? Then I should turn off home sharing, right?

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    Should I copy the music library to each computer?


    That might be the way to go. You can use home sharing to shift the music about (while you're on the same network), as per the following instructions:


    HT2729 Re: How can I merge my itunes music library from two different computers


    Getting the playlist information across to the other computers (so it's available locally) is a bit less straightforward, but still doable. (I've done it.) See the instructions in the following post for that:


    Re: transfer playlists to new computer

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    Thanks for the help. All of the music is now on each computer including the Playlists. One more question -


    I have an iPod. I have my music on it (needs to be updated - I added more songs). The situation is I have songs that I like and then my husband has some songs he likes (we don't like the same type of music, for the most part).


    On my desktop computer I have all my songs under ...Anita's Music. My husbands songs are on the same computer under ....Ray's Music.


    Question is how should I transfer the music to the iPod including my Playlists? I would like to keep the music separate on the iPod if possible, so when the songs play using shuffle or random, neither myself or my husband would have to listen to the songs we really don't like. Is this doable and if so, I need instructions to follow.


    Thanks again.

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    Doublechecking a couple of things, Anita:


    On my desktop computer I have all my songs under ...Anita's Music. My husbands songs are on the same computer under ....Ray's Music.


    How are you doing the demarcation? Are these two different playlists in a single library, two different libraries in a single Windows user account, or different libraries in two different Windows user accounts?


    What kind of iPod do you have? (Touch, nano, shuffle, Classic, or an older model?)

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    I have iPod Touch 8GB (4th Generation).


    We are using two users on the computer (Windows 7).


    My music is set up under the user name Anita\Anita's Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\all my songs


    Ray's music is user name E. Ray\Ray's music\his songs


    On the iPod, this is what I see is: I press playslists and I see Ray - Music; I also see 5 playlists (plays; movies) of mine and another "playlist" called Anita - Music


    All of our songs are under either Anita - Music or Ray - Music.


    My Grandson set this up for me and he is out of town away at college. So, my question is how do I update only Anita - Music and my playlists? My husband's music is up to date. He has not added anything more. I don't want to lose his music when I update mine.


    Both my husband and I are new to the iPod - never had anything like this before, so I really need help. I do know how to at least play the songs on the iPod. Just need to get them there. I really appreciate all your help.

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    many thanks.


    I'm going to try flagging down an iPod Touch specialist and get them to come have a look at this. (The ancient noir-household iPod Touch 1st gen is with Helen up in Wellington at the moment, so I think it's prudent that we get someone in who's more up to speed and has the right-kit available for doing this on a $th gen.)

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    I have different iOS devices (an iPad & an iPhone) but the principle is the same.


    I'm assuming for now that you can see your playlist in iTunes and that you have already added the extra music you want to it...


    When you connect the device to iTunes you can select the device in the left-hand column. This then leads to a tabbed display allowing you to adjust what will be put on the device. On the Music tab tick Sync Music, below that use the option Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres. In the Playlists section below that tick the playlists you want on your device and untick those that you want to remove. You can repeat the selection process for other media types. When you are happy click Sync in the lower right-hand corner and your device will be updated.



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    b noir has flagged up an issue I may have overlooked above.


    Re-reading the thread it seems that there are two independent libraries (now essentially replicated on three machines) each holding either your content or your husband's, but with both sets of media added to the one iPod touch. Is this correct? It makes my suggestions earlier somewhat wide of the mark.


    It might help to determine if the device is set up for manual management or automatic syncing. When the device is connected to iTunes select the summary tab and scroll down. If there is a tick against Manually manage music and videos then it is set for manual managment. In this case you can update your playlist on the device by dragging the playlist in the left-hand column onto the device in the left-hand column. Any new tracks will be added to the device and the playlist updated.