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Can you transfer a keynote preaentation from iMac to iPad? If so how?

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    Keynote presentations created on Mac can be transferred to iPad easily in many ways:


    - Connect your iPad to iTunes and switch to the APP tab, scroll down to the application section, locate Keynote and place a copy of your Keynote file in the Keynote section and click apply - the file will be transferred to your iPad -- after you files are transferred, open Keynote on your iPad and in the Thumbail View of all the files Tap the "+" button on the upper left and Copy from > iTunes - your file will then be read in and opened in Keynote for iPad


    - Emailing a copy of the Keynote File to yourself is also an easy way to get your file onto your iPad - on your Mac open your Keynote file then Share > Email > Keynote and this will send you an email with your keynote attached. On your iPad, open your mail and TAP & HOLD on the Keynote Attachment, then Select Open In > Keynote. This will open your file in Keynote on your iPad


    - If you have Dropbox, you can transfer files that way as well using the Open In... option.


    Note: you should be aware that not all features of Keynote for Mac are available on your iPad - you may encounter some font substitution and some builds, animations and movements may be substituted or omitted. Apple has posted a "Best Practices" article here:




    And additional insights of how to transfer Keynote files can be found on your iPad in the Keynote Application under the Tools Menu (wrench) Help File in the section about Sharing your presentations.


    Hope this helps.