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    TnD1w wrote:


    If I recall correctly, the question was "where was I", not what country.

    You're correct but it's also correct that country is a valid answer if you're unable to remember city or state.


    TnD1w wrote:


    Doesn't help with the other two required questions.

    You're correct but that doesn't stop you from getting creative.  Heck, for childhood friend, you could have picked your favorite stripper.



    TnD1w wrote:


    Sure would have been nice if they'd let you make your own questions.

    Again, I agree but they didn't.  Doesn't help much to whine about it.  Heck, I don't like the questions that my bank requires that I answer but it's a lot easier to "go with the flow."

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    Yeah, but when you're prompted to repeat those will some computer system figure that out?  I guess I can understand this if a human is dealing with your answers but not if this is automated in some way!

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    I too have been asked for 3 security questions, I think its really disappointing that it asks for 3, yet in your AppleID you only have 1, and the 3 security questions aren't even the same as the questions in the AppleID. No idea what Apple are doing, but suggest getting their butts into some gear!!!

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    Your assumptions are based on good faith however those in the security industry know them to be false.  If you write down passwords, codes, etc. they are no longer secure.  You should not write down primary passwords, userid's etc.  That is the beauty of a security question versus a userid/password combo is that they are supposed to be easy to remember.  In my opinion it looks like an attempt to garner more personal information on users.  With corporate databases getting hacked left and right I would not want someone knowing the answers to my questions.  I use these items at banks where security is a real issue.


    Good password makeup is much more useful in security.  Pick a "strong encryption" based password (upper case, lower case, symbol and number with no symbol or number at the beginning or end of the password.


    Then you are cooking.  This smaks of some "IT stud" who thinks they know what they are doing making things difficult for the masses while having no real effect on security.  For those who are older the questions are a joke.


    For those who offer "just answer applesucks for each question" that does not work as you have to have different answers.  I (for one) am moving on until I find Apple to resposive to it's users versus it's own bottom line.  iPhone used to be the bad boy on the block.  Not any more.  Choices abound.  By-By Apple!

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    nightspook wrote:


    By-By Apple!

    You'll be missed. 


    By the way, the correct spelling is "Bye-bye."

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    They had me fill out those answers a couple weeks ago and noooow they want me to reset my password. In a couple weeks they'll want me to reset it again. I already go through this at work having to create more complicated passwords every time. I've become a steaming lump of .... Next they'll ask what consistency my last bowel movement was. I can't get anything done with these endless resets. If people didn't use their birthdays we wouldn't be in this never ending waste of time.

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    Hi I have a problem even setting the three questions up, I pick the questions to the first two and put the answers is which is all ok, then I tap for the drop down menu for the third and nothing happens !!!! It will let me put an answer in without picking a question though. So now I am unable to buy any music ,films or apps. What the solution to this problem.??????

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    Same problem as you David. Only had my iPad for 6 hours and ready to smash it if apple don't pull their socks up on this one

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    I just solved this problem.


    For  me at least, make sure your answers are long.


    Eg. First car I put mini- no god, but austin mini was ok


    Best firmed I put just first name, no good, but first last name then gave the opportunity to select the third question.

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    Hi GaryGuk


    I do not think the problems Davidfhb & Neonerve spoke about had anything to do with lenght of answers etc it was to do with the fact that the 3rd question just would not or could not be selected as I had exactly the same problem


    Anyway I left it for 24 hours and tried again this morning and hey presto it now allows you to select a third question the only conclusion must be that a bug existed within the website which ( in the UK ) at least it has now been resolved


    So try again and hopefully you will find that you can complete the third question and hence you can download from the apps store as normal



    Kind Regards

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    How do I change the answers I typed it in wrong and it closed by it self .

    Typing on the pad I am a bit clumsy I don't remember if I hit enter or it just took my answer and closed the window

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    ****!!!! I'm so frustrated! I "cannot connect to iTunes store" via iPad and I can't sign in since I got a new computer, therefore I forgot my security questions AND NOW THE I'M NOT GETTING AN EMAIL!!

    Apple you just lost a user.

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    ... I "cannot connect to iTunes store" via iPad and I can't sign in since I got a new computer, therefore I forgot my security questions AND NOW THE I'M NOT GETTING AN EMAIL!!

    Apple you just lost a user.


    A new Mac entitles you to 90 days of free technical support.


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    This so called "security"feature should be an OPTION .... Not forced on us.  Its created one more hassle for me rather than peace of mind.  Because of this I will not be making any more purchases at the app store.  If everyone would boycott the app store Apple would smarten up and make this useless hassle an option rather than manditory.