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Orthon Adamski Level 1 Level 1

I just tried to buy an in-app upgrade on my iPad.


After entering my Apple iTunes username & password, I was then faced with a brandless grey window pop-up on my screen asking me to create 3 different security questions, and answers for them. Mandatory.


I got cold feet for this, so quit the buying process.


I don't know who was asking me these details, and second, I was offered no choice if I even wanted to be bothered doing so.


I have real, medical memory problems, and this is just antagonising me if this is Apple's doing. 


One password to remember is enough, get lost.  If this is policy from now on, Apple just lost a user.

  • Julian Wright Level 7 Level 7

    It is Apple asking you for these security questions. It is to significantly improve the security of your iTunes account in the event of a password hacking attempt. You will only get asked to answer one of these questions when you buy something for the first time on a new device, or if someone attempts to hack your account.


    Despite your "real, medical memory problem" presumably you can write the answers you gave down on a piece of paper and store it in a safe place, or use one of the many iPad or computer-based applications specifically designed for storing all kinds of information securely?

  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2

    Have never experienced being asked for both by an In-App purchase before  - what was the App??  Password - yes to confirm the purchase.

    There is also a Security question error known and an available patch for the specific issue - have had to apply it myself to stop repeated  password questions popping up.  The issue has been reported in these forums several times- which is where I got the link from.

  • Orthon Adamski Level 1 Level 1

    If you write down a security question & password for a credit-card, you will lose any claim when you get hit by fraudulent access. They tell you not to write it anywhere.


    No, I don't want to write down yet another, in fact 3 questions, and 3 answers, for yet another electronic account.  I also resent Apple peeking inside my head at just what personal stuff is in my mind.


    Don't you dare patronize me with your inverted commas.  You get early onset Alzheimers and see how you would like living with it, with damned geeks demanding password after password!!!

  • Julian Wright Level 7 Level 7

    We're talking about iTunes account security answers - not credit card passwords.


    You might not want to write down a few questions and answers, but I'm also fairly sure you also wouldn't want some hacker clearing out your iTunes or Credit Card balance after having guessed your single password. You'd be quick to complain that Apple hadn't ensured the security of your account in such an event.


    And by the way, quotation marks, are used to quote what someone else has said. Which is what I did.

  • Philly_Phan Level 6 Level 6

    Orthon Adamski wrote:


    Don't you dare patronize me with your inverted commas.  You get early onset Alzheimers and see how you would like living with it, with damned geeks demanding password after password!!!


    That attitude will take you far in the real world.  Please read the Terms of Use for the forum:


    "You must be at least 13 years old to post to the Site. If you are over 13 years old but have not yet reached the age of majority, you must have your parent or guardian's permissions to post to the Site."


  • 16shatzerj Level 1 Level 1

    Geez what are you like 5? Just write down the questions and answers. Would you rather have your account get hacked and them buying a lot of stuff or just take 2 minutes out of your day to write down 3 questions and answers?

  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2

    I would not hesitate to point out that age has nothing to do with the thread posters dilemma .  Personal preferences for a way of life should be respected of an individual - even more so for those whose life choices may be constrained for one reason or another.  I thought this was supposed to be a constructive forum intended to help those who feel an Apple product or associated hardware / software gave rise to a problem or cause for concern.


    I enjoy the forum very much but...

    If the comments here become typical of what I see as I browse through various threads, I for one will take my time and knowledge elsewhere.

    Does anyone have anything constructive to help Orthon with his problem - if not then perhaps comments herein are best kept to oneself.

    I'm sorry I cannot assist you further Orthon, but if I find anything out I will let you know through the thread.

    I am only sorry you had to be subject to certain comments, uncalled for at the least, and some may think somewhat cruel.

    Best wishes that a solution will be forthcoming from members of this forum Ct.

  • sarahbaker2811 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm sorry I can't help with your question, but sympathise greatly, if only I had known at the  time to write the questions & answers down,  I have also suffered by idiots on these forums who have nothing better to do then be idiots!!! Good luck with your search for an answer, I realise this is Apple, hopefully they read these threads. I have a new IPad arriving next week, should be interesting!!!

  • Julian Wright Level 7 Level 7

    Does anyone have anything constructive to help Orthon with his problem


    Yes, I suggested two practical solutions in my first reply. He decided to dismiss them entirely.

  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2

    Orthon gave a point of view as to why he was not comfortable with your own valid and entirely reasonable suggestions.

    Equally he gave a valid and reasonable answer as to why he was not comfortable with this - not a dismissal.  Presumably you have acknowledged his reservations?


    Orthon - it might be better if you contact customer support directly, I'm sure that as a valued customer they would be able to arrange some method of security checking that you would find acceptable.



    This link should enable you to find an answer/contact store support over your enquiry.


    Regards, Ct

  • The Van Man Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah the same thing happened to me yesturday. l made up the the three questions and answers. As soon as i did that. My purchace from iTunes went through. l did freak out after i did it. As i thought that maybe it was a scam that wanted my iTunes account details. But it looks like a few people are getting the same thing happening  to them.

    l did get an email from Apple saying that i had updated my account. So i have my fingers now crossed that it was Apple asking for the three questions and answers.

  • amedlin Level 1 Level 1

    These security questions are very poorly thought through.  The are predicated upon the premise that you will always be able answer 3 set questions consistently and reliably, but for many people, myself included, this is not the case!  The fact that you can't choose your own question is a slap in the face.


    For example, if you are a migrant from a non-English speaking country, all questions relating to people with foreign names are problematic due to difficulties with how to enter the answer.  For all sorts of personal reasons, for most of us several of the questions are not even applicable.  Many questions are subjective and will evoke different answers on different occassions!  Those that ask about 'favourites' are downright childish, and for many people will not be able to be answered consistently over a long period of time.


    I can't even remember most of my teachers' names, let alone which ones I liked.  Also, people who are older I think will find many if not all of these questions difficult to answer once, let alone again in future!!!


    The only way now through this stupid roadblock is to invent some meaningless answers and write them down somewhere!  I'm sure millions of people will end up having to do this!  Which makes these new 'security questions' completely insecure, and therefore an INCREASED security risk.


    Who are the morons who thought this up?  What is wrong with just requiring a higher degree of password complexity?  Someone's head ought to roll over this farce.

  • amedlin Level 1 Level 1

    Having to "write" down these security answers is a ridiculous suggestion.  These security questions have more weight than your password, as they allegedly verify your identity and allow you to reset your password!  Do you write down your password(s)?


    As pointed out, writing down security information in other contexts (e.g. banking) INCREASES YOUR LIABILITY.  Why?  Because it is less secure, as the banks know.

  • amedlin Level 1 Level 1

    Password complexity is a better solution.  For example (and this is just one amongst many schemes you could use), you can have a password which is a phrase from a book.  Pick a book you cherish and own, choose a page using an easily remembered rule (such as the last 2 digits of your phone number), and use the first 4-6 words on that page.  After a while you will remember it by heart.


    If a password complex enough and long enough, you shouldn't even need to change it very often.


    The only place you should ever write any passwords is in a sealed copy of your will held by your attorney!

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