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I want to assign various instruments to a differnent midi channel per instrument, then on my midi controller press midi channel 3 for example and mainstage changes to the patch I would have set-up in the application. Having difficulties working this one out and finding any info on the subject. Hope you can help.





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    Mainstage's way of dealing with multi-timbral activity is a touch fiddly:


    Select the Channel Strip, and go to the MIDI Input Tab in the Channel Strip Inspector

    Choose 'MultiTimbral from the Input Keyboard drop down menu




    In the MultiTimbral Settings window, choose the Input Keyboard on the left, and the required MIDI Channel on the right:



    You need to do this for every Channel Strip.






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    Thank you so much for helping me out with this question, but I still have one final question for you if you don't mind. When I change the midi channel on my keyboard, Mainstage is not changing the patch, is it because I left the last patch highlighted? It's seems to override everything. I really want to be able to control the changes from my keyboard. Thanks.

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    boothman wrote:

    When I change the midi channel on my keyboard, Mainstage is not changing the patch



    Mainstage offers a variety of Patch Changing methods:



    Key Commands

    In-Coming MIDI Program Change messages

    Assign in-coming MIDI messages to buttons mapped to next/previous patch etc.

    Assign a hardware control and map it to the Patch/Program number action


    MS does not currently allow you to change (MS) patches using MIDI channel alone.


    What you originally asked was basically how do I setup MS such that I can address different Instrument Channel Strips by changing MIDI channel on my controller.


    You can do this as described above: make as many Instrument Channel Strips (in ONE PATCH) and assign them to different MIDI Channels as described in my previous post.


    You could then set up additional MS Patches with another bunch of strips setup similarly. You would need to change MS Patches by one of the methods described above







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    hi there!


    I have done this, but the AUs still respond at same time to same midi channel...


    I'm using Korg legacycell and exs24 in the same patch.

    I want korg to respond to channel 1 and exs24 to channel 2, so I use them whenever I want.


    I'm only using one keyboard (rd700sx) to try that...


    Thanks for the help.



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    I have found this:


    "I figured it out. It was an option that I had over looked in the Assignments & Mapping tab in Edit Mode. At the bottom of the window that says All Devices. In that menu there is another tab that says Channel 1-16. If you click where it says Unassigned, down in the Screen Control Inspector there is a checked box that says "Send unassigned MIDI to all Channel Strips". If you uncheck that box then everything works perfectly. It is a little extra work having to assign the keyboard everytime you ad a channel strip but when you have to do some serious programming it's worth it. "


    I will try if that works and post about it.

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    still doesn't work...

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    I've figured out how to do this after some hair tearing.  Example with a two channel MIDI instrument switching between two channel strips in Mainstage:


    1. Switch to layout mode (top left corner)

    2. Add two keyboards (Screen Controls Palette:Shelf Controls) to the layout

    3. Click the first keyboard, and in the Screen Control Inspector choose the input device and the first of the MIDI channels you want to use.  Name the instrument 'Instrument C1' (or something like that)

    4. Click the second keyboard and choose the same device, but choose the second of the MIDI channels you want to use.  Name the instrument 'Instrument C2' (or similar)

    5. Switch back to edit mode (top left corner)

    6. Select the first channel strip you want to use, and go to its MIDI Input tab

    7. Under 'Keyboard' select 'Instrument C1'

    8. Select the second channel strip and select 'Instrument C2'


    This is extensible to an arbitrary number of channels (up to the number of MIDI channels your device supports).


    It's a bit involved, but I can confirm that it does do the trick.

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    Your post put an end to many hours of my own hair tearing over several weeks.  Qunexus channel rotation in effect!