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I know that there are accesories available to allow iPhone/iPod content to be displayed on an an external analog or digital monitor. In this scenario, the iPhone/iPod content would be considered the a/v signal INPUT source and the external analog or digital monitor would be considered the OUTPUT device.


However, I am curious to know if it is possible to use the iPhone or iPod to record audio/video data from an external analog (via RCA composite cable) audio/video source. In this scenario, the external analog a/v source would be considered the INPUT source and the iPhone/iPod would serves as the OUTPUT device.


To accomplish this, I would envision the solution to be both hardware and software based.


The hardware component would be the device used to connect the iPhone/iPod to the external a/v analog source.


The software component would be used to capture the analog a/v signal, convert the signal to digital, and record the digital signal to the iPhone/iPod's internal memory.


From what I can tell, there are solutions that are out there to allow for this through the use of special wi-fi enabled ip cameras and software.


However, I am not finding any information to allow for the input connection of an analog a/v source.


Furthermore, I would be curious to know that if such a hardware/software solution is available, is another software program avaialble to take the converted/digitized a/v source data recorded to the iPhone/iPod to allow it to be streamed to the Internet to allow for near real-time access?


Any information or insight anyone could reply would be greatly appreciated.

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