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I just wanted to have a plain sheet of paper to type a letter with drag and drop icons. I chose Pages, word processing, blank sheet. I now have little boxes with plus signs, I can't move the text, I can't control the cursor. I am using Pages '08 on a MBP 10.6.8. Thank you for help. Arudi

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Sounds like you have a combination of Objects with wrap (that pushes text away from them) and objects inline (positioned in the text like big fat characters).


    Inspector > Wrap > check Floating / uncheck Object causes wrap


    Use inline objects selectively in your text and also apply Wrap where needed but don't jumble things on top of each other.


    The little plus sign indicates that you have text overflowing from a text box which may have happened because another objects' wrap pushed it out of the way.



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    Thank you for your response.

    I have all objects, no text, four objects per line, four lines per page.

    I started putting words under the objects with the text boxes, then deleting the text boxes. Then the small boxes with the plus sign (⊞) appeared. They seem to be connected with the larger text box.

    I can delete them if I put them in a box and click delete. The problem is, I can't get the boxes off the text, and if I click delete, it also deletes the text.

    I would like to get rid of the boxes all together.

    I watched the Pages tutorial but it didn't mention the box problem. I looked through many discussions, but saw nothing about this.

    I looked for help on 'HELP' but nothing.

    For the last year I have used Pages for a 150 page project and had no boxes, so I must have done something different.

    If I click on the blank page, the cursor is not there unless I click in a certain spot. I have to click around before I find the spot, or the boxes come up in certain spots.

    I copy and pasted all the objects onto a new 'pages layout' to see if it was different. I can't get a cursor or box anywhere. The objects pasted okay but no cursor so I can add text.

    I unclicked 'object causes wrap' but it changed nothing. I never put anything on top of anything esle.

    Thank you for you time. Arudi

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    I am trying to follow what you are saying, but it would be faster if you could click on my blue name and email me the document.


    I should be able to quickly spot the issue.



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    In the View menu, choose Hide Layout.



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    Arudi - do you have a word processing or Page layout document??

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    Jerrold Green1,


    Thank you but with Hide or Show Layout I still can't move the text unless it is in a box. I highligt the text and try to drag it, but it bounces back to origional positionl. I can only click the cursor in certain spots and when I click space bar, the cursor goes all over. One one page I can't move the objects. I know this is something simple because I haven't done anything unusual.


    I just want plain sheets to place objects and words, no boxes etc.


    Thanks again,


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    Word Processing. Then I copied and pasted the objects to Pages Layout to see if worked better. The objects moved but I can't get a cursor on any of the pages in Layout. Haven't had time to work on this today. This must be something simple as I haven't done anything unusual.




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    There is no text layer in Layout. You have to use text boxes. You can place your objects where ever you want them. Put your text in text boxes and position them also where you want them.


    To add additional pages, click on the Pages icon in the Toolbar and select Plain.


    Your text won't flow to following pages but you can do that with linked text boxes.


    Linking boxes.png



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    Walt K,


    Can't I add text without it being in a box? I would just like to get rid of all the boxes and have a plain page to add objects and to type on. I did that before with just text, and had no boxes and no trouble.


    I can put the objects anywhere.  In Layout, I can't get a cursor (or a box) when I click on the page. The box I don't want, but I need a cursor.


    Another thing that is different is when I did the all text project, it flowed from one page to another without having to go to toolbar and click Plain.


    Thank you,


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    Of course you should be able to get flowing text in a Word processing document. I find it hard to understand these text boxes that you have. Did you drag and drop text from somewhere like you did with the images? From where?

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    You had masses of boxes and hammered away at the return key so it had got into a mess.


    I have redone it with explanation and emailed it back to you.


    I will upload the template to http://www.iworkcommunity.com when it stops erroring.


    Tim's Icons [US letter].jpg


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    No, did not drag and drop text, only objects, then typed text. I thinnk PeterBreis0807 Is sending me some info on how to do what I am trying to do. I haven't heard from him yet and may not. If not, I will send more information in a couple days. Don't get to the computer every day.



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    I too was confused about the need for text boxes in Pages.  What I previously didn't realize is that there are two types of Pages documents (as you can see from the Template Chooser):


       Word Processing which renders text similarly to MS Word, and

       Page Layout which gives you a blank canvas like Adobe Illustrator.


    In the latter case the blank document template is called "Blank Canvas", as opposed to just "Blank" for a word processing document. If you choose a Page Layout document then pages are added one by one, and text can only be added in text boxes.  This is confusing if you are trying to create a word processing document. In a text box the text will not flow to a new page automatically, instead it will get clipped off at the bottom of the box. On the otherhand a Page Layout document is nice if you are creating a static poster, or brochure, rather than a dynamic multipage document.

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    Yes, I was confussed on the different pages also. I had used the Pages word processing for years, but only for text, never for images. Then when I started using the same WP for images and text it was a whole new ballgame.

    I am doing fine now with the info PeterBreis0807 gave me. I move icons to the Pages sheet, line them in rows of 4, click on T for text box, click outside the box, then inside the box area in order to get the outline of the box with handles, drag box to place underneath icon, type in the box, shrink box to just outline the text so I will have room for the next icon's text, so they won't overlap. I don't put icons into a box. I just open a new page when I fill one and go on. It may not be the correct way, but it has worked fine for me.


    My words are only one word per box, so no need to worry about boxes flowing to a new page.


    Thanks, Arudi