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so apparently my G5 needs a video card. I was not booting and wouldn't shut down. I reinstalled tiger but no differance.


it will boot in safemode but I get lines across the display. they are in "groups of three" small squiggly lines.


Apple store says they think its video card but they will not support it because its "vintage"... I guess "computer years" are similar to dog years


the card it came with is GeForce 6800 Ultra with 256mb ram.


OWC has a Radeon 5770 with 1G of ram for 270.00


but this card is not compatible with my machine. it says it needs 10.6 or later... but I cannot upgrade the OS cuz leopard requires Intel processor.


so my question is, if a 1G card is 270.00... one that is compatible with my machine should be less I would think?


also, even If I could find a compatible 1G card, I think it would be like having a Ferrari and only using 1st gear you know? cuz I would be bottle necked at the processors.. I would think?


so what is compatible with the G5 but more ram than the current 256mb?


any advise would be greatly appreciated



G5 Power Mac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 2x 2.6Ghz DCPs, 8GB Ram, 4+TB storage Acer X243W
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