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After years of reliable service, all of a sudden I cannot stream music from iTunes on my iMac, via my Airport Express, to my stereo system.


First, a bit about my configuration:

   * iMac connected via Ethernet to a wireless router (D-Link DIR-655).

   * iMac Airport (WiFi) is turned off.

   * D-Link sets up a wireless network, and Airport Express joins the network.

   * Airport Express does not set up its own network, it's simply a client of the existing D-Link wireless network.

   * iTunes "sees" the Airport Express, and can stream audio via AirPlay.

   * iPad also joins the wireless network, and also can stream to the Airport Express via AirPlay.

   * iMac running 10.6.8, with all software updates applied.

   * Airport Express running latest firmware (7.6.1).


Well, that was a few days ago, when "it just worked". But for some unknown reason iTunes could no longer "see" the Airport Express.


So I took my Airport Express to the Apple Store and they did a Factory Reset, but it did not solve the problem. I figured my rather old Airport Express was failing, so today I bought a new one. The symptoms have changed a bit, but even after spending an hour on the phone with AppleCare, it doesn't work properly.


Now, the only way the iMac can stream to the Airport Express is if the iMac also joins the wireless network. In fact, now with Airport turned OFF on the iMac, the Airport Utility cannot see the Airport Express. But here's another weird thing: when I use the IP address of the Airport Express, the Airport Utility CAN connect with and manage the Airport Express, even with Airport turned OFF on the iMac!


I should also mention, the iPad has no issues whatsoever connecting to the D-Link's wireless network and streaming music to the Airport Express.


This all seems like something might have changed on the D-Link wireless router. But for the life of me, I cannot figure out what setting(s) on the router might allow the iMac - over Ethernet - to stream audio to the Airport Express.


Another thing. When I have Airport turned on on the iMac, it can "see" and stream to the Airport Express, but the music has very frequent drop-outs. Could this be related to the fact that the iMac has two IP addresses (one on Ethernet, one on WiFi)?


My goal is to get things "back to normal", where I can turn off Airport on the iMac, and all LAN and WAN traffic from the iMac goes over Ethernet. I have a few questions (for now :-)


   * Since my iMac has two connections to my LAN using two IP addresses (Ethernet & WiFi), is that likely to cause any issues?

   * When two computers join the same wireless LAN, can they effectively talk directly to one another, or does the wireless router need to be involved every time one computer sends a TCP or UDP packet to the other?

   * Do routers (or the DIR-655 in particular) tend to have any firewalls or policies that control connections on the LAN between Ethernet and WiFi clients?

   * Since AirPlay uses TCP port 3689 and UDP port 5353, would the DIR-655 need any special configuration to "open these ports" so an Ethernet client can connect with a WiFi client?


So, any help would be most appreciated!





iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I am having a very similar issue.  I use my Airport Express (AX) to stream music from the computers on my network to my stereo via Airplay.  I have AX set up to wirelessly join my existing wireless network, which uses a D-Link DIR-655 router hooked to a Time Warner cable modem.  I can succesfully connect all of my wireless devices via Airplay, through iTunes to my AX, including two laptops and an iPhone.  However, my primary desktop PC, which does not have a wireless card is linked directly via ethernet cable to my D-Link router, and it is not able to see my AX.  Similar to your case, I can see the Airport Express from my PC through my Airport Utility by directly typing in the IP address.  Note that the  AX set-up option to allow Ethernet clients is checked.  I also noticed that my laptops will stop detecting AX if I directly connect them to my D-Link router via Ethernet and turn off their wireless cards.  They will resume detecting AX when I turn their wireless connections back on.  I have tried every conceivable setting of my D-Link router to no avail. 

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    On the Mac, it turns out that AirPlay uses Bonjour, and Bonjour requires IPv6.


    IPv6 MUST be enabled in the Network panel of System Preferences.


    For me, just enabloing IPv6 solved the problem! Without so much as a restart, I was able to stream from my iMac to the Airport Express WITHOUT turning WiFi on on my iMac.


    Not only that, but it also fixed my wi-fi sync problem. When I made that change, my iPad and iPhone both appeared immediately in iTunes.

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    I also found a fix based on reading some Apple TV forums where several people were having the same problem.  Under Advanced Network settings in the D-Link setup, I just checked "Enable Multicast Streams" and that seemed to do the trick.