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I've owned a MPB for 13 months and for 13 months it's been nothing but headaches.


I know that to other Mac users this sounds negative because Apple products are cool, but my experience with my MPB has been nothing but negative.


I've written to the Cupertino office, I've written to the Apple store where I purchased this unit, and am currently waiting for an answer (been about ten days since i mailed out copies of problem logs and description of problems).


One trip to genius bar = zero resolution.


Two apple care calls = zero resolution.


Countless inquiries on the forums = zero resolution.


Safari hangs and crashes.


Word will lock up really badly. The other day I had a doc opened, started a new doc, it took my MPB 17 seconds to start a new doc.


XL will lock up though not as much (and I don't use it as much).


I'm a blogger, so I use Safari and Word from morning to night.


This morning no video (vimeo, youtube, other video types) would play on Safari.


On safari some weird flickering of different color panes sometimes occurs. Sometimes I get some grey vertical bars across.


When I go full-screen while watching Netflix the screen goes dark, I have to refresh the page, restart the movie.


If anyone has a suggestion as to what to do, please help me.


These problems have been present since day one. This was a unit which was an exchange. The first MPB I got from the Tysons Corner store in Virginia had a graphic card on the fritz, I returned it after 3 days.


Can anyone understand my frustration?


Ali Naderzad

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)