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I have setup a podcast producer server and have it running successfully.  I wanted to add some better compression than the defaults provided to I did some googling and it seemed that Compressor was the way to go.  Since you can get Compressor 4 by itself from the App store that's what I did.  I was able to set it up and make a custom compression setting that was available to me in a workflow.


So far so good.


However now any podcasts I submit using a workflow that uses Compressor fails.  The relevant line in the system log is bellow


pcastaction: Podcast Producer::Actions::Compressor: Compressor is not fully installed on this machine (missing the Batch Monitor tool)


I did some searching on this and found that in Compressor 4 Batch Monitor is now called Share Monitor.  I'm wondering is there any way around this?  Is Podcast Producer not aware that Compressor 4 uses Share Monitor instead of Batch Monitor?


My server is running 10.7.3 and everything is up to date.