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How can I connect my iPad to Canon Pixma MX310 Printer via WiFi (Apple time capsle)?

iPad, iOS 5.1
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    That printer is not on the list of approved Airprint printers.




    You can try the Canon printing app, available in the app store.

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    I have the same question.


    A couple of updates: Correct. The printer is not on the list of approved Airprint printers, and therefore you can't print from iPad/iPhone AirPrint **direct** to the device. Also, this printer is not supported by the Canon printing app.


    However, I do have this printer plugged into the USB of my Airport Extreme, and I can connect to it wirelessly from my iMac and PC. Very nice.


    I would have thought that a printer plugged into an AirPort Extreme would be made available for my iPhone/iPad. Is that not the case? I would have thought it automatic (and fabulous) that AirPrint was baked into is the AirPort Extreme so that any printer attached to the Extreme can seen by iPhones, IPads through AirPrint. What a dissapointment.

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    What's the point of the stupid printer having wifi -_-