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Hi guys,


I was really hoping to speak to someone at Apple directly but I would need to pay to ask them this question.


Hopefully you guys will be able to help me out.


What i'm looking to do is have a windows 7 machine switched on, running iTunes and with Home Sharing active so all my other devices can connect to it.

I would also like this machine to be able to sleep, and only wake when something tries to access the home share.


So far, I have managed to get the windows machine to sleep, and then wake when an apple tv 2 or macbook pro tries to connect to the Home share.

That's great, as the service is being advertised by bonjour, and using the bonjour SDK, I have enabled wake for network access.

The service is registered with my AirPort express which is acting as a sleep proxy.


My only issue seems to be that when I use my iPhone or iPad to connect to the home share, the machine does not wake.

The little prograss circle that fills as it loads the share gets about half way, then loads an empty library, without actually waking the machine.


Can you guys think of any reason why the two iOS devices can not wake the machine, but the apple tv and macbook can?



Also, has anyone else got a similar setup? I am also having an issue where sometimes the machine wakes up immediately after sleeping, and wasn't sure if it was a bonjour issue.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.