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I am so discouraged with my iPhone 4 I have had nothing but problems and no one has been helpful at all but now i am really upset i have been complaining to ATT store and then to the APPLE store and that is when i really got messed up first I told the greeter that my phone will let me call or recieve a call and the other party can hear me and I can hear them but after a 5 to 10 minutes span all of a sudden the other party cannot hear me at all but i am hearing them very clearly some people are saying you must have hit the mute button by mistake and i didnt do any such thing on my end this happens on atleast 98% of my calls and the other 2% complain after a short period of being on the phone that they get static or scratching sounds on their end nobody has been able to help me yet Anyone having the same problem as me out there

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1