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There was an error message but stupidly I did not read it, and it won't come up again. I've tried restarting my laptop, re-installing iTunes, restarting my iPod and all sorts.
The reason (I think) it stopped working was because I was trying to copy music from my iPod to my iTunes, and windows was not recognising it, so a friend suggested deleting and re installing the driver, which was successful. But when I then went on to iTunes, it came up with the error message saying something about the iPod no longer working with iTunes or something, and now won't recognise the iPod no matter what I seem to try.


Is there anything I can do without deleting all the music and resetting the iPod? Because the whole reason I was trying to do this was to back up the music so I could update to ios 5.1 or whatever it is, without losing all my music which I don't have on iTunes as it's a new laptop.


Thank you.
Ben x

iPod touch, iOS 3.1.3